May 7, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on May 7, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for May 7 for Aries

On Saturday, nothing can spoil the mood of Aries more than sassy upstarts with inflated self-esteem. During the day, on his way now and then all sorts of personalities will come across who will try to push Aries into the background or somehow overshadow his dignity. The stars of the horoscope warn that the likelihood of encountering such upstarts on Saturday is very high. However, you should not pay attention to them, especially since Aries will not have fewer talents because of them.

Horoscope for May 7 for Taurus

On Saturday, it is better for Taurus not to visit those who have a richer or larger apartment. Even the most educated and correct of Taurus on this day will not be able to avoid injections of banal, but very sharp envy! In general, the stars of the horoscope on Saturday will incline Taurus to buy something necessary, beautiful and most importantly for the house – so that none of your friends have this!

Horoscope for May 7 for Gemini

On Saturday, Gemini is at risk of becoming a victim of their own restlessness. Numerous ideas and plans will break their brains so much that they are able to spend all their physical and moral strength in fruitless attempts to realize them all at the same time. In this scenario, it is useful for the Gemini not to chase all the hares at once, but to choose one among them – prettier.

Horoscope for May 7 for Cancer

On Saturday, Cancer runs the risk of succumbing to the temptation to count money in other people’s pockets. However, this is strongly discouraged! Otherwise, the whole day can go awry. Especially Cancer should avoid financial and property disputes, including litigation. There will be a lot of emotions on Saturday, but, alas, there is no sense. It is better to switch your energy to love games: there is every chance to achieve excellent results.

Horoscope for May 7 for Leo

On Saturday, Leo may realize that jealousy is a sudden feeling, and you can be jealous of everything that somehow moves. Relax, in a day or two there will be no trace of this feeling, but succumbing to your jealousy on Saturday, you risk breaking a lot of firewood. It is better to direct your seething energy to something positive, well, for example, do some cleaning or shopping.

Horoscope for May 7 for Virgo

On Saturday, the views of the Virgo will be radically different from the views of everyone else. Virgo will be incomprehensible and suspicious of the ebullient enthusiasm of others. Even more suspicious will seem to her attempts to infect her with this enthusiasm. In any case, Virgo will not be inclined to get involved in any social events of her own free will on Saturday, preferring to spend energy exclusively on solving her own problems.

Horoscope for May 7 for Libra

On Saturday, a completely unimaginable, fantastic idea can come to Libra’s head! And at first and second glance, this idea will look completely impossible, but it is precisely her Libra on Saturday that she wants to bring to life. Everything else will seem too banal, boring and insipid to them. The funny thing is that this fantastic idea, unlike others, has a good chance of being realized on Saturday.

Horoscope for May 7 for Scorpio

On Saturday, Scorpio is able to show very good results in his affairs! Questions that on other days might cause boredom will be resolved with a twinkle. On Saturday, even in ordinary bookkeeping, Scorpio can experience something like inspiration and creativity! So use this day for those things that previously lacked either patience or enthusiasm.

Horoscope for May 7 for Sagittarius

On Saturday, the motto of the day for Sagittarius will be: “Faster, higher, stronger!”. All day long he will feel the desire, if not to compete with anyone directly, then at least in something to be better than others. And it’s not about boasting. For Sagittarius, all this will be in the nature of a game in which he wants not to brag, but to do something better. What’s bad about it? The only thing that Sagittarius should never take on on Saturday is gambling: it will drag you out!

Horoscope for May 7 for Capricorn

On Saturday, Othello will wake up in the soul of Capricorn! All day long, the behavior of a loved one will seem suspicious to Capricorn, and signs of probable infidelity will begin to appear on every corner. If you do not want jealousy to settle in your soul for a long time, try to reason with your suspicion somehow. Believe me, there are no real reasons for jealousy on Saturday. Well, almost none.

Horoscope for May 7 for Aquarius

Aquarius creativity will peak on Saturday! On this day, he will not only be able to handle many complex cases and questions, but most importantly, he will be in the mood to deal with them. On Saturday, Aquarius has a chance to bring to mind some of his projects, having received decent results for his work. However, one should not forget about the rest on Saturday, otherwise it will not be long and overheat.

Horoscope for May 7 for Pisces

On Saturday, Pisces will rarely have a “I want or don’t want” dilemma. In the first place will be the word “must”. At the same time, Pisces will want to fulfill any of their duties on Saturday not only well, but preferably better than others. It is very good to use the energy of this day, demonstrating to everyone (especially the authorities) your efficiency and enthusiasm. Just don’t overdo it so that you don’t pass for an upstart.

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