May 5, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on May 5, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for May 5 for Aries

On Thursday, Aries risks headlong into the role of a domestic tyrant and dictator! At the same time, it may well seem to Aries himself that he is simply taking a useful initiative for the benefit of the whole family. That’s just from the side of the home it will be pretty much like tyranny. If Aries does not want to unnecessarily aggravate the situation, he does not interfere with reducing the number of commanding notes in his voice.

Horoscope for May 5 for Taurus

On Thursday, if some thought comes to Taurus’s head, then it can easily acquire the character of an obsession. Moreover, thoughts on Thursday will come to the head of Taurus more often than usual, which means that obsessions can turn out to be much more than one. In this state, it is better for Taurus to keep communication to a minimum, otherwise conversations will turn into a meaningless argument every now and then. It’s better to do something creative. There at least there will be no harm from obsessions.

Horoscope for May 5 for Gemini

On Thursday, it will be difficult for Gemini to understand why the most pleasant part-time pleasures are also sins. Well, what’s wrong with an extra cake or a kiss? In a word, the rule will seem logical to Gemini on Thursday: “If you can’t, but you really want to, then you can.” In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, if only to supplement this formula with a small clause: “Everything is good in moderation.”

Horoscope for May 5 for Cancer

On Thursday, Cancer may wake up with an irresistible desire to command others. Well, if you feel the real qualities of a leader in yourself, then go for it! But if these qualities are lacking in the character of Cancer, then you should not even try. It’s better to play some kind of shooter – at least you can cancel there. And even better on Thursday for Cancer to switch his stormy energy to a romantic date – he will not regret it.

Horoscope for May 5 for Leo

On Thursday, life will force Leo to compete with circumstances! Despite the fact that Leo himself will not be set up for increased activity, some events will now and again require his energetic participation. Someone from his entourage can imperceptibly drag Leo into a protracted dispute or (even worse) harness him to solve some task that Leo does not need. Naturally, Leo will resist this with all his might – however, it is not a fact that his resistance will be successful.

Horoscope for May 5 for Virgo

On Thursday, Virgo has the opportunity to learn something unusual and interesting! On this day, her life will be full of bright, enchanting emotions and impressions. The only condition is not to attach great importance to annoying trifles. If you do not pay attention to the little things, the day will be bright, like splashes of champagne. Well, fixated on trifles, Virgo runs the risk of seriously spoiling the mood for herself and those around her.

Horoscope for May 5 for Libra

On Thursday, Libra will experience difficulties with self-organization and discipline. It will be surprisingly difficult to stay within the usual framework on this day, although this is precisely what Libra will strive for. Hence the internal conflict, when one half of the soul strives for order, and the other – for chaos. The only question is what will outweigh in their soul on Thursday.

Horoscope for May 5 for Scorpio

On Thursday, the interests and plans of Scorpio will change decisively more than once during the day! All day long he will be pulled in one direction or the other, and it will be difficult to resist these impulses. In a good way, in order to achieve at least something on this day, Scorpio would do well to focus on one thing. But this is unlikely to work out – the winds in his head are too changeable on Thursday.

Horoscope for May 5 for Sagittarius

On Thursday, Sagittarius runs the risk of fully experiencing what militancy is. No, he is not going to declare any war. And why announce? It is much more convenient to start a war without a declaration, taking the enemy by surprise! Such impulses will arise in the soul of Sagittarius repeatedly. Is it any wonder if the day in such a mood passes in conflicts and quarrels?

Horoscope for May 5 for Capricorn

On Thursday, Capricorn is able to easily get carried away with a wide variety of things. These hobbies will roll unexpectedly, capturing Capricorn with his head. However, during the day there can be so many of these hobbies that Capricorn himself will no longer understand what attracts him more and where he is drawn. So you should not count on his constancy of feelings on this day. Well, this is Capricorn on Thursday – a little windy and fickle!

Horoscope for May 5 for Aquarius

On Thursday, Aquarius runs the risk of unexpectedly getting carried away by some insignificant nonsense. However, to Aquarius himself, the subject of his passion for nonsense will not seem just the same! Moreover, this thing is able to capture attention so much that Aquarius will miss something really important because of this. Therefore, it is not worth building serious plans for Thursday. It is better to devote the day to creativity or love.

Horoscope for May 5 for Pisces

On Thursday, it may seem to Pisces that the center of rotation of the Universe must certainly be somewhere near them. Well, since the Universe may have a different opinion on this matter, Pisces will be surprised by this situation. Time after time, they will do everything to correct this situation, actively attracting attention to themselves and trying to get into the very epicenter of events. The main thing here is not to overdo it, because it is not always good to be in the center.

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