Apr 21, 2022
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Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for today: for all signs of the zodiac

Professional astrologers told what each of the signs of the zodiac expects today on April 21, and how to avoid mistakes in order to make the day as successful as possible!

Horoscope for April 21 for Aries

On Thursday, Aries’ thoughts will constantly revolve around pressing matters. Up to the point that even on vacation, in the circle of loved ones, the thought of how to solve this or that problem will not give him rest! Because of this, poor Aries is able to literally be torn between business and home; from work, he can stealthily call home, from home – to work. His efforts will not be in vain: today’s stormy activity of Aries will be extremely successful and productive.

Horoscope for April 21 for Taurus

On Thursday, Taurus has huge potential! The day endows him with activity, a creative streak and practical ingenuity. Such a magnificent cocktail, if mixed in the right proportions, will help Taurus to finish any task in no time – even non-standard ones. On Thursday, Taurus is able to come up with elegant and witty solutions to problems that others (or even himself) could not approach for a long time!

Horoscope for April 21 for Gemini

On Thursday, the Gemini will accelerate so much that it will be a whole problem for them to stop! Their brain, and the whole body, will work in a forced mode, giving all the best. Because of this, those around may seem like sleepy flies to accelerated Gemini, which move and think as if in slow motion. It is not surprising that the Gemini will try to fit them, using not the most delicate methods.

Horoscope for April 21 for Cancer

On Thursday, circumstances will hurry Cancer, literally pushing in the back. Even if acting quickly and making decisions is not his style, Cancer will be able to adapt to the new rhythm. The key to such a transformation will be the magic word “must” – on Thursday, Cancer tends to take his duties very seriously. However, despite the fuss, he himself will not be left behind: Cancer will feel more useful and necessary than ever. That is, almost happy.

Horoscope for April 21 for Leo

On Thursday, Leo will be ready to think about his future. Do not dream, head in the clouds, but specifically decide where to move on. Leo’s plans will be distinguished by clarity and attention to detail, and therefore their implementation is just a matter of time. The only “but”: paying attention to the future, Leo on Thursday should not forget about the present, or rather, about the people who are around. You should not pester them with nitpicking and grumbling, even if it seems that they are doing everything wrong.

Horoscope for April 21 for Virgo

On Thursday, the least thing in the world, Virgo will care about someone else’s opinion – at least that’s how she will behave. The stars of the horoscope give her confidence that she is doing everything right, and those around her with their advice only interfere. So on Thursday, Virgo should not fall under a hot hand – if she is busy with some business, then in the heat of the moment she is able to express whatever she sees fit. But it is possible and even welcome to ask her opinion on some issue: the Virgin will be flattered.

Horoscope for April 21 for Libra

Thursday is a great day for Libra to think about the future! However, for starters, they need to complete the deeds in the present, which hang over them like the sword of Damocles, preventing them from moving on. The stars of the horoscope say that housework will be most effective for Libra. Well, having put the space around in order, you can begin to put your ideas and plans in order. On Thursday, don’t be afraid to dare! Having set a new goal, Libra will understand how it can be achieved.

Horoscope for April 21 for Scorpio

On Thursday, Scorpio is able to find a dozen possible solutions for any problem, and then choose from them the one that turns out to be the most effective and simple. The brain of a Scorpio will work exactly like a Swiss watch, and his hands will work neatly, like a cashier in a Swiss bank. This day can be called ideal for Scorpio in resolving any issues, except for those where you need to show a tactful approach. What-what, and he will not differ in Swiss diplomacy on Thursday!

Horoscope for April 21 for Sagittarius

On Thursday, a real accountant will wake up in Sagittarius! He will be able to approach any problem with a clear head, driving emotions away. This is a great day to review the family budget, plan expenses for the future and think about how to get even more income. However, in any other areas, even in love, Sagittarius will be just as practical on Thursday, replacing the language of feelings with the language of strict facts and figures.

Horoscope for April 21 for Capricorn

On Thursday, the border between Capricorn’s confidence and self-confidence will be almost invisible. In any case, the surroundings. Capricorn himself may believe that he is just doing business, focused on results and requires the same from everyone who is nearby. However, from the outside, Capricorn’s valuable instructions can be like an overseer’s whip, and his directness with or without reason can be like criticism without mercy. The stars of the horoscope advise Capricorn on Thursday to moderate his ardor, otherwise it’s not far from a riot.

Horoscope for April 21 for Aquarius

On Thursday, Aquarius may show a breakdown and unwillingness to concentrate on any business matters. Even if he wants to, he is unlikely to be able to take the initiative, so the stars of the horoscope advise him not to strain. If the situation requires active action from Aquarius, he should take a closer look at the people around: one of them knows exactly what to do and is not averse to leading. Aquarius, on Thursday, is useful to allow himself to be commanded a little.

Horoscope for April 21 for Pisces

On Thursday, the stars of the horoscope advise Pisces to choose non-standard paths: the usual approach to business will not give the desired results. Creativity is the ability to think differently than everyone else, and on Thursday it will be useful to Pisces even in the most practical matters. Come up with a cunning work plan, turn a conversation with your boss into a theatrical production – on Thursday, Pisces will be capable of the most incredible, unpredictable moves. Their ingenuity and creativity will know no bounds!

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