May 16, 2020
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Horoscope for the second half of May: when to plan trips and serious purchases

In May, the extreme favorable date for travel is 27 number, shared by the astrologer / UNIAN

Astrologer Vlad Ross made a horoscope for the second half of May and predicted that the extreme favorable date for travel - 22 number.

Large purchases it’s better to do from 28 to 28 in May - this is a good time to buy real estate told Ross to Glavred.

According to the interlocutor, repairs can also be carried out at the end of May.

The astrologer added that from 13 to 27 May will be a period of serious reorganization, at which time you can review matters, in particular, areas or priorities of the business.

"From 05 to 27 in May ... there will be a better time for trips, movements, therefore I would advise you to postpone trips from May to the period 13 - May), "the source said.

Previously, astrologers predicted that in the second half of May Taurus, Crayfish and Capricorn will be lucky. Experts emphasized that Taurus can decently enrich itself.

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