Jul 1, 2020
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“Hope for a miracle”: the Body is hospitalized with coronavirus Anita Tsoy exhausted from strict diet

Today, popular pop singer Anita Tsoy was hospitalized in one of capital health facilities who were diagnosed with a coronavirus. As reported by network sources, the body artist of the weakened strict diet, which treatment can be difficult, but fans of the singer believe that there is always "hope for a miracle."

Anita Tsoy strictly complied with the recommended regime of self-isolation and for several months absented himself from the country house only if absolutely necessary. So when, where and from whom could be infected with a coronavirus, the singer can not understand. Tuesday, 30 June, health Choi began to cause concern for loved ones, and she was hospitalized, and then revealed the infection COVID-19. Officially, the doctors and relatives of the actress has not commented on the situation, but some sources claim that the body of Anita Tsoy weakened due to the strict diet.

During the isolation the singer has gained some weight, what told fans on the social network. Later she reported that she found a new doctor and start losing weight on the Asian technique, because the European the expected effect do not bring. Diet meant exclusion from the diet of many foods and the regular consumption of special herbal drink. It is possible that such a strict diet can weaken the body Choi, and now it will be more difficult to combat the coronavirus, although it is not known to where she's at now. According to one version, the singer carries the infection in the form of light, the other started having problems with breathing, and this indicates a complicated course of the disease.

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