Jan 10, 2021
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Homemade curd crème brulee ice cream recipe

Homemade curd crème brulee ice cream recipe

All children love sweets. So let’s make these sweets not only tasty, but also as healthy as possible. Creme brulee turns out to be the most delicate. You can eat a lot, so be careful for mothers who take care of the figure. And for those kids who don’t really like fresh cottage cheese, this recipe will help to eat cottage cheese with pleasure!

Ingredients and Tools:

  • cottage cheese (can be fat about 20-25%) – 200g
  • milk 50 gr
  • condensed boiled milk 0.5 cans
  • silicone molds
  • blender
  • cocoa optional


  1. Beat condensed milk and cottage cheese into a homogeneous mass. It is convenient to use a blender.
  2. Add milk and continue whisking until pasty. You can add cocoa as you wish.
  3. Folds out into silicone molds – you get homemade portioned ice cream.
  4. Everything fits in the freezer for about 5 hours.
  5. The ice cream was taken out of the molds.

We eat homemade ice cream and get real pleasure from a wonderful dish! Store in the freezer. Now you know how to make ice cream for children at home from environmentally friendly products for the health of our kids. Try it.

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