Nov 10, 2022
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Homeless cat settled down to rest in someone else’s bag

homeless cat rested in a bagIt’s no secret that cats love to climb into boxes, bags and bags. At the same time, the fact that the package does not always belong to the cat is not able to stop it.

homeless cat rested in a bag

The proof was a video filmed in Istanbul (Turkey). Seeing a stranger sitting on a bench in the park, a stray cat quickly sat next to her and was most interested in a paper bag. The animal figured the package would make a great hiding place and temporary resting place.

homeless cat rested in a bag

But the cat still found a lot of important things to do (for example, hunting for crows), so for a long time it did not occupy someone else’s bag and eventually left.

The cat was given a “teenage” holiday for the fifteenth birthday

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