May 5, 2022
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Holidays May 5: what absolutely can not be done, signs, who has a name day

Holidays May 5: what absolutely can not be done, signs, who has a name day

On May 5, our ancestors usually planted onions in the beds. In the folk calendar, the date received the following names: Luka, Vitaly, Fedor, Onion Day, Thicket Round Dances, writes Styler.

The peasants associated the name of St. Luke with vital gardening work, and dedicated a day to his memory to the onion, the most important herbaceous plant, without which neither the everyday nor the festive table of our ancestors could do.

On this day, a moleben was served to the Monk Vitaly and they prayed for protection from carnal passion.

May 5 in the folk calendar is better known as the day of Luke, or Onion Day. The peasants in this spring came to an end almost all supplies.

Highlights of the day:

  • If the cuckoo calls loudly and for a long time on May 5, the weather will be good in the coming days.
  • Thunderstorm on this day – there will be a rich harvest.
  • If the western part of the sky is clear in the evening, there will be no rain in the morning.
  • As soon as the aspens drop their earrings, do not miss the morels by the path.
  • The sky in the “lambs” – to soon rain.
  • Khrushchi fly out – asp pecks.
  • If it freezes tonight, then forty more morning frosts will fall on the grain fields.
  • The cuckoo cuckooed – the frosts will stop.
  • If today is a clear morning, then it’s time to sow, if it’s foggy, you need to wait. At noon it will clear up – sowing will be middle, by evening – late.

What not to do on this day:

You should not go into the forest alone on this day, as evil spirits can take it with them.

Name days on this day are celebrated by Fedor, Vitaly, Plato, Luka. Congratulate these people on the day of the angel.

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