Oct 9, 2021
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Holiday of national disgrace

Holiday of national disgrace

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The next year, 2022, on the territory of the Lviv region of Ukraine will become the “year of the UPA *”. The year of the same Ukrainian Insurgent Army – the fighting wing of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which during the Great Patriotic War actively collaborated with the Nazis and was marked by the massacres of civilians.

The initiative to widely celebrate the 80th anniversary of the creation of this militarized formation of thugs, on whose hands the blood of hundreds of thousands of people of different nationalities – Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies etc. – belongs to local deputies. Moreover, they are going to celebrate the Nazi accomplices on a grand scale not only at the regional level.

Chairman of the Commission on Culture and Information Policy of the Regional Council Svyatoslav Sheremet urged to celebrate the “anniversary” “appropriately” across the country. Moreover, according to him, everything must be done to ensure that not only in Ukraine, but even abroad received full information about the activities of the UPA and its role in the struggle for Ukrainian independence.

Only this information has long been documented. And there is nothing heroic there. There are only multiple testimonies of the terrible atrocities perpetrated by young men from the so-called “rebel army” on the territory of Western Ukraine and Belarusian Polesie. After all, they did not just kill those whom they considered not completely Ukrainians or were caught in sympathy with the Soviet regime, they did it with particular cruelty, savagely.

The Volyn massacre, Khatyn (and thousands of other Belarusian villages) burned along with the residents, the executions in Babi Yar near Kiev – this is all the work of Ukrainian nationalists from the UPA.

But the Ukrainian authorities will not tell about this. Because these non-humans are “heroes” there today at the official level. Hitler’s halui and murderers at the level of law are recognized as “fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the XX century.”

Therefore, one can even say that there is nothing surprising in the decision of the Lviv deputies at the present time. It fits well into the historical context that Ukraine is so proud of today.

But the special cynicism lies precisely in the fact that, shedding a miserly tear at mourning events in Babi Yar in front of guests invited from abroad (this year the mournful anniversary of this tragedy is 80 years), the President Zelensky at the same time, he is completely calm about the prospectus Bandera in Kiev. He is not embarrassed by the stadium in Ternopil, which bears the name of the SS Hauptmann Shukhevych… And modern Nazis – the descendants of Hitler’s accomplices, marching openly through the streets of Ukrainian cities, are also of little concern.

What, really, to worry? He also signed a law on counteracting anti-Semitism, which “will contribute to the strengthening of tolerance in Ukrainian society.” What claims can there be against him? And the revival and rehabilitation of Nazism in the “independent” West is simply trying to stubbornly ignore …

What is such self-determination worth and how can all this come back to haunt Ukraine?

– There is nothing surprising in the decision of the Lviv deputies, – believes Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries, historian Igor Shishkin… – It is quite natural. The whole development of events is going in this direction. And the fact that the 80th anniversary of the Babi Yar tragedy is now being celebrated does not in any way contradict this.

Yes, we all know that the perpetrators of this crime were the very Bandera who are going to be honored next year. But all this fits well into the new reality, into the new ethics. After all, as it was now, we can say that Babi Yar is a place where the Nazis destroyed the fighters for Ukrainian independence, meaning, of course, not partisans, but these very Bandera. And to say that this is the tragedy of the Jewish people and the tragedy of the Banderaites.

What’s next? What kind of Holocaust is the Third Reich and the Soviet Union responsible for? In connection with the 80th anniversary of the events in Babi Yar, a lot of such publications have appeared. In all seriousness.

Did Zelensky not officially declare a year ago that the Soviet Union is fully responsible for the Holocaust with Hitler’s Germany? Declared.

This is their new story, in which everything gets along well. Those who carried out the Holocaust will blame the Soviet Union for it. And the day after tomorrow it will be announced that the UPA, as a force that allegedly fought with the USSR and the Third Reich, it turns out, also saved Jews from extermination – either by the Gestapo, or, if they break free from the clutches of the Gestapo, by the terrible enkeveshniki.

This is actually being said and does not bother anyone.

“SP”: – But why not bother? And after all, not only in Ukraine …

– Not only. In the same Lithuania, presidents go out and throw mud at the Pact every time Molotov-Ribbentrop, without blushing at all, although according to this Pact they received the city of Vilnius, from which, in fact, they throw mud at this Pact.

I repeat, this is a new ethic. A new story that will be imposed on us. And, despite the fact that they have logical inconsistencies there, this should be taken extremely seriously.

Now almost all public opinion in the West, as a matter of course, repeats that Nazism and Stalinism are two systems of the same type. Twenty years ago, it was still clear to everyone that communism and Nazism were directly opposite and mutually exclusive.

Now almost every schoolchild in Europe is convinced that the Soviet Union is equally responsible with Germany for unleashing the Second World War. Because in all official documents it is written that way.

Nonsense from the point of view of history? Rave. But now it is becoming commonplace.

And this is not schizophrenia, not a split consciousness. They know what they are doing. And, unfortunately, they do it very effectively. And we underestimate them.

I guarantee that another five years will pass, and everyone will consider that the Holocaust was arranged by the Soviet Union, and the “heroes” from the UPA saved the Jews.

“SP”: – I hope that we will still be able to protect our historical memory …

– I hope you need to. But Nazism and Stalinism, as “twin brothers”, are actually in our textbooks. And on our television – super-patriotic – the NKVD and the Gestapo are twin brothers. Turn on any film devoted to the theme of the Great Patriotic War, and there you will see a bloody enkevedeshnik, who is only engaged in shooting heroes.

It is not difficult to guess how this could threaten Russia, as the legal successor of the USSR, when it was already officially accused of unleashing the Second World War. And now they will also be declared the culprit of the Holocaust, with all the ensuing consequences. At the very least, they will demand that we be deprived of our membership in the UN Security Council.

How many years did Germany repent and pay? So, they want to put Russia in this position.

Do you think that we have no forces that are not interested in this? I would not underestimate the power of these forces either. I am not saying that their victory is a foregone conclusion. But this is a serious challenge.

Dean of the Faculty of Media Communications of MGIK, political scientist Yuri Kot, in turn, recalled that the idea of ​​Ukrainians is, in essence, Russophobic:

“Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are trying to present the members of the UPA as“ bright ”nationalists who fought for Ukraine. And they allegedly had nothing to do with all these terrible, well-known facts of misanthropic actions, from which, even the Nazis’ hair stood on end (some of them wrote about this in their memoirs).

The idea of ​​Ukrainism was once invented by the Poles in order to reformat the consciousness of the Russian people of Little Russia. And then, as it were, they used Austria-Hungary. We can recall Talerhof and Terezin – the first concentration camps in the history of mankind, in which Russian people were exterminated. About 20 thousand were killed, including women and children, just because they refused to accept Ukrainianity, refused to be Russian, not to be Orthodox.

Then the Nazis tried to do the same. And today we see the final formation of the idea of ​​Ukrainians as such. Which identifies itself exclusively on Russophobia.

“SP”: – Is this typical for all of Ukraine?

– Not yet. But in any case, the center of this Ukrainianship should be someone who has a certain historical background. And, of course, in this sense, the western regions can give odds to everyone else. Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions are a hotbed of the very “titular nation”. And the West is betting on them. Because more than once in Russian history they have proved their hatred of Russians.

And, of course, the West will turn a blind eye to everything, only so that the maximum number of people realize themselves as Russophobes, call themselves Ukrainians and be ready for the most important thing – the war with the Russians.

We understand that the West is trying to use the ideological machine to grow on Russian territory, which is Ukraine, and from the Russian people, which are Ukrainians, mankurts. Which, sooner or later, must create, supposedly on their own, legions and go to war against the Russians. To return allegedly their territories, which they never had.

And this “year of the UPA”, which they announced, is also being put into this canvas. Until the situation changes, they have a task – slowly, quietly, step by step to digest the consciousness of people. And transform him into that Nazi gut.

For this, torchlight processions are held and the Ukrainian accomplices of the Nazis, who were members of the rebel army, are glorified.

This year should be viewed only as an attack on Russian identity, which has already been elevated to the format of state policy. And there is no need to hope that the West will somehow react to this.

“SP”: – Why?

– Because the West is involved in this. He had a hand in it.

Ukraine has been tasked with forming into an ideological Russophobic machine, the purpose of which is to fight the Russians. To destroy everything Russian – first within oneself, then on its territory, which today is called Ukraine, and then it will be possible to go beyond the border of Ukraine.

The main task of the West is to drag Russia into a bloody war by any means, in which yesterday’s Russians, who think of themselves as superhumans called “Ukrainians”, will fight real Russians who will never give up their identity in their lives.

* On November 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the extremist activities of the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army”, “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO and “Trident im. Stepan Bandera “, the Brotherhood organization. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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