Sep 12, 2020
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“Hold on”: Keti Topuria in mini was supported by pregnant Natalia Podolskaya

33-year-old singer Keti Topuria came out in loose clothing. Pregnant Natalya Podolskaya declassified an interesting position of the artist.

The soloist of the group "A'Studio" radically changed her image. In the past five months, the celebrity has opted for oversized clothes instead of tight and open outfits that showcase the dignity of the figure. Keti appeared in a similar way today.
She did a sleek styling and parted her hair. Topuria applied makeup, highlighting her eyes with brown eyeliner. The star emphasized sensual lips with a pink balm and highlighted the cheekbones.

Katie wore a baby-doll-style mini dress with a fluffy hem that distracts attention from the star's belly. From above, Katie threw on a leather wide jacket in a beautiful menthol shade. The loose fit of the jacket created the effect of layering the image.
The singer posed, tightly wrapped in a jacket and boasting slender long legs. Topuria languidly looked into the lens of the smartphone camera.

Katie Topuria
Katie Topuria

The first of the stars to react to an interesting photo was Natalia Podolskaya, who recently declassified her pregnancy. "Hold on 😍 ", - noted Podolskaya.

Kate's fans considered this remark as proof of her pregnancy.
"So pretty! ”,“ Pregnant! ”,“ The perfect outfit to hide your belly! ”,“ Beauty! ”,“ You are even more beautiful in position!"- admired the fans of the star.

It seems that now Topuria can officially accept congratulations. We will remind, two months ago, Keti boasted an impressive ring on that very finger and hinted at a wedding with her lover, diplomat and businessman Lev Dengov.

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