Sep 11, 2021
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Hold back "American mullet" there will be Russian tanks in Afghanistan – Baranets

Colonel Baranets spoke with reporters about Russian tanks designed to contain the “American mule” in Afghanistan.

The Russian military base in Tajikistan has been strengthened. As told in the press service of the Central Military District, the troops received about a hundred units of armored weapons and 30 T-72B3M tanks. The equipment will go into service by the end of the year. “PolitRussia” talked with the military observer of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Viktor Baranets and found out what was the advantage of the supplied weapons.

Baranets noted that the letter “M” in the name of the tank means that we are dealing with a modernized vehicle. Everything has been updated there – from the scopes to the fire control system. The designers have foreseen a number of innovations that will help to fulfill the combat missions of the Russian army. And it was decided to strengthen the border in order to deal with the “American dummy” in Afghanistan, Baranets added:

“This dummy, which the Americans have muddied, will settle for a long time.

We will remind, the US military, as well as the allied troops left Afghanistan several weeks ago. As a result, the country came under the control of the Taliban *, who had already formed a government.

* The Taliban, the Taliban, is a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation.

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