Nov 20, 2021
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HLN readers said Ukraine had motives to shoot down MH17


HLN readers said Ukraine had motives to shoot down MH17
News agency “Kharkov”

The HLN newspaper wrote that the District Court of The Hague has announced the postponement of the hearing in the case of the MH17 crash. The next hearing should take place no earlier than the end of 2021. The authors of the article noted that the process could take several months due to the desire of the court to hear an important witness from Russia.

The readers of the publication were shocked by the news that the process should not be completed quickly. In their opinion, the proceedings are being conducted with a number of inconsistencies both on the part of the court and on the part of the prosecutor’s office. The evidence presented is too flimsy.

“Having followed the progress of the investigation with all its inconsistencies, I have little faith in the official conclusions. The rocket could be fired by both Ukrainians and rebels. The former were interested in this a hundred times more than the latter or Russia. Motives play an extremely important role in all crimes “, – wrote the user Alfred Bleck

Some of the commentators said they did not trust the official findings of the investigation. In their opinion, the Dutch prosecutor’s office does not pay attention to the obvious mistakes of the investigation, continuing to accuse the militias of the tragedy.

“Press charges without evidence?” – asked Daan Roos;

“No decision will be put forward in the end, because the Netherlands has economic ties with Russia,” wrote Roland Peters

Earlier in NewInform: political analyst Alexei Martynov said that the initial refusal of the Netherlands to include the results of the examination of the Russian concern Almaz-Antey in the MH17 case is “a great stupidity.”

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