Feb 12, 2021
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Hit first, President Putin

In the photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (fifth left) and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell (fifth right) during a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry's Reception House

Photo: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (fifth from left) and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell (fifth from right) during a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Reception House (Photo: Press Service of the Russian Foreign Ministry / TASS)

“Insult”. “Damage to reputation.” “Obvious stupidity in plain sight.” “Catastrophe and Humiliation”. “The EU is again caught in the trap Putin“… This is how Western politicians assess the recent visit to Russia of the EU delegation headed by its supreme representative for foreign affairs Joseph Borrell… All this week, at the EU headquarters in Brussels, there is nothing but talk about Borrell’s “failure of an important mission”.

He went to Moscow to present the Kremlin with an ultimatum on behalf of Europe. The main demand is to release the oppositionist Alexey Navalny… Otherwise, they say, the “wall of silence” between the EU and the Russian Federation and the inevitable new sanctions. This is probably how the High Representative saw how the “Russian bear” in the person of the Minister of Foreign Affairs fell down in front of him Lavrova… And suddenly he gets a “shock”. Yes, what! ..

Lavrov did not make excuses. Actually, in what? And he asked a colleague not to lecture him, specifying in pure English “Who are you?” (“Who are you anyway?” – Auth.). What shocked Mr. Borrel. To the great delight of the majority of Russian participants in the press conference at which this took place.

Similarly, Sergey Viktorovich “greeted” the Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Linde, who also visited Moscow, worried about the violation of human rights in our country during the January unauthorized rallies. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave her videos of the protest actions so that she could take a closer look at who was violating what. By the way, the recordings of the “violent dispersals” were also transferred to Borrell, moreover, even before he came to us. But to get to know them, he, as he himself admitted to reporters, “has not yet had time.” At the same time, an opinion about them has already been formed …

Now he is justifying himself before the European Parliament, which threatens him with resignation for “shame”. “The Union (EU-auth.) Found itself in a stupid position in front of everyone. And many of those who see hope and future in this alliance take it as a personal insult, ”writes a parliamentary journalist in the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel Christoph von Marshall… – We have to admit: Vladimir Putin caught the EU, Borrel and their supporters in a trap. He didn’t want the visit to be successful, he was planning an insult. ”

“The humiliation that Borrell endured was covered by all the European media,” states Renault Girard, columnist for the French daily Le Figaro. – Not Borrel, but Lavrov lectured him. Having criticized the “exclusivity” of Westerners who, in his opinion, arrogate to themselves the right to interfere, wherever and whenever they please, in the internal affairs of other countries ”…

The “defendant in the case” Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov has not pleased compatriots for a long time! Last year, it seems, in 2008, when the self-proclaimed “prosecutor” of the Old World – the European Union, undertook to accuse Russia of “attacking Georgia”, nothing more, nothing less! Long after that, they came to their senses in Brussels …

Today’s history is remarkable in that the Kremlin, represented by Sergei Lavrov, for almost the first time in the country’s recent history, gave, in fact, a tough rebuff to the attempts of the West to rule Russia. In Europe, it seems, they decided that we are toothless. After all, how many times were there when they reviled us there – for Crimea, for doping, for Skripals etc.– and in response we mumble something like an apology. Although it has long been known: Russia has always taken it not by softness and delicacy, but by independence, firmness and strength.

– That’s not what you are talking about. It is necessary to be friends with the European Union, as well as with the United States, to learn from them, and not to quarrel, – told the “SP” correspondent. Yuri Vdovin, famous Petersburg liberall. – First of all, one should learn about democracy. Such actions of the authorities as during the recent protest actions are unacceptable.

SP “: – Last year in the United States there was a whole wave of peaceful protests. The police did not stand on ceremony with the demonstrators; not only water cannons and tear gas were used, but also firearms. And in Europe this is not uncommon in recent years.

– You don’t touch the USA. They themselves will figure out who is right and who is to blame for the violations.

“SP”: – It seems that you do not really love your Motherland, Yuri Innokentievich?

– Why love her? What’s good about us? The economy has collapsed, agriculture has been killed, health care has been so “reformed” that there is nowhere and no one to treat the sick.

“SP”: – In recent years, our agriculture is on the rise, thanks to the sanctions! In medicine, yes, there are many problems. But here’s a vaccine against of the coronavirus was created the first in the world. It is in demand now in many countries, including European ones.

– More screaming about her, I think, than benefit. One window dressing. I abstain from vaccination myself. We have nothing good. And the worst of the worst is that they quarreled with everyone in the world.

This short conversation of mine with the ex-deputy of the Leningrad City Council, human rights activist Yu. I. Vdovin, I retell to the well-known Moscow political scientist Vladimir Zharikhiny, asking to express their point of view on the results of the visit to the capital of the EU delegation.

– I have known Yuri Innokentyevich for many years, we talked and discussed more than once, – says Vladimir Leonidovich. – I know his position. It is based on personal grievances that he gradually transferred to the authorities, the state. Not fully realized in life. This is, most likely, the point.

“SP”: – I called him to find out his opinion about the meeting between Sergei Lavrov and Josep Borrell. You are probably aware that our chief diplomat managed to put the EU envoy in his place.

– Yes of course. I believe that his sharp rebuke was provoked by the tone of an important European guest, which is impermissible for partners. And also, by the actions that are being taken against our country in the West. I mean the crude provocation with the “poisoning” of Navalny and the system of false evidence associated with it. And now also the demonstrative presence of diplomats from Germany, Sweden, Poland at illegal rallies in Russia. And a caravan of 15 representatives of foreign embassies at the trial of Navalny. These are things that are unacceptable from the point of view of international law. And not we, as they say, started it all!

“SP”: – Mr. Borrell went to Moscow, as I understand it, with a demand to release Navalny?

– With a categorical demand for immediate release! How does it feel? However, like his curators, he did not take into account the Russian character. Apparently, he accepted the recent appeal of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit for reconciliation. He perceived it as a weakness of the Russian government: was it asked for peace? Only on the basis of surrender! ..

“SP”: – Before we should have started to speak with the EU strictly, and not bow down.

– The Kremlin was determined to have constructive relations with Western partners. And he did not bow, but showed patience, in the hope that our positive attitude would be “heard”. Russia has demonstrated it more than once. In particular, the permission for Navalny to be treated in Germany. Although the Siberian doctors who provided him with first aid are professionally not inferior to German specialists. They were consulted when the oppositionist was in a Berlin clinic. However, the EU clearly does not want equality.

“SP”: – It seems that the point is that we can completely stop communicating with official Europe, in all directions …

– That is unlikely. In the economy, the Europeans cannot do without us. Where will they go, for example, their Mercedes? On the Moscow streets, they are not crowded. Or Italian home appliances? And the aircraft fleet? And how can they live without our gas? Oil? Without Nord Stream? There is a serious struggle for him now in Germany. Not without political blackmail from the United States. After all, the Americans have many military bases in the European Union. In France, there are none. Hence the limited capacity of the EU. Borrel’s visit, who flew to Moscow on command from across the ocean, once again showed this.

“SP”: – What do you think, now the Kremlin will start talking toughly with the EU, or the current case is nothing more than a case.

– I do not exclude that we will apologize again. Too we have grown together with the Western world. Not only our oligarchs and high-ranking officials have their own real estate in European countries, but also a significant part of the middle class. And how many Russians work in the offices of foreign firms here, in their homeland? Hundreds of thousands of people. They are interested in maintaining good-neighborly relations between Russia and Europe. The Kremlin has to remember this.

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