Nov 4, 2021
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Historical educational program for the Ukrainian DECR

Rehabilitation of Mazepa as a “gift from fellow believers” for the 300th anniversary of the Russian Empire

“Are there any grounds now for lifting the anathema to Mazepa?” – asked the representative of the Ukrainian news agency from the “speaker of the UOC” – the deputy head of the Department for External Church Relations (DECR) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) Fr. Mykola Danilevich.

And he with an underlined Galician accent (although he was a native of Volyn) answered: “We don’t pronounce this anathema … This is a certain archaism … There, in my opinion, there was Peter the Great’s interference in church affairs … This is called Caesaropapism – when Caesar interferes in the affairs of the church … And you can now read about this in the book“ Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Milestones in history ””. We are talking about a textbook recently analyzed by us on “church Russophobia”, which was compiled with the blessing of the higher hierarchy of the UOC (MP). In it, among other meannesses, there is a sad tale about how hard life was for the “freedom-loving Ukrainian church” after its “transfer to the protectorate of the Moscow Patriarchate” in 1686.

“At that time there was such a situation that loyalty to the state was considered loyalty to God, – continued his exposition of the circumstances of Mazepa’s excommunication from the church “speaker” of one of the parts of this church. – Accordingly, if you are cheating on the state, you are cheating on God. I am not making excuses [отлучение Мазепы], I just explain what the time was “… Well, yes, who, if not the church (headed by Christ), “conforms to this age” …

“It is not right”, – finally squeezed out of himself a pupil of the former heads of the DECR of the UOC (MP) Kirill (Govorun) and Oleksandr (Drabynko). The first one was made by Fr. Mykola was the secretary of the department, and the second, in fact, elevated him to his deputy.

It was Archimandrite Kirill (we do not take the dignity in quotation marks, for his bearer remains a cleric of the Moscow diocese) who spoke in 2009 about the possibility of lifting the anathema from Mazepa as a “victim of political repression”. And Metropolitan Oleksandr (a defector to the UOC, who was never excommunicated from the UOC-MP), said in 2008-2012 that he was praying for his prototype. Moreover, for Mazepa, they say, not only the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra prays with him, but the entire UOC (MP). As a philanthropist (although it is known how the hetman, deeply affectionate by Peter, plunged his hand into the “Caesaropapist” treasury).

But back in 2008, the then secretary of the Odessa diocese, a member of the Synodal Theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Andrei Novikov conducted a demonstration educational program for Mazepa’s apologists from the Kiev Patriarchate. He would have known then, to whose “heights” the DECR UOC-MP will grow! Well, let us present the main theses of Fr. Andrey for the successors of Govorun-Drabynko. Moreover, we will dwell only on the church – “not political” – part of the text of the anathema to the hetman.

Breaking the oath to the anointed of God, given on the holy cross and the Gospel: “Ivashka Mazepa, a former Ukrainian hetman … broke the faith and faithfulness on the kiss of the cross that was promised and confirmed.” “Violation of the oath of the cross is … a spiritual and ecclesiastical canonical crime, – explains about. Andrey. – It is a pity that this is not known to those who today in the Church raise the question of the incompetence of the anathema to Mazepa. “

An oath to the Swedish Lutheran king, as a result of which Mazepa brought Protestants-Swedes to Little Russia, desecrating Orthodox churches and shrines. “Thus, Mazepa shares with the Swedes the responsibility for the desecration and destruction of holy places.”, – the priest concludes. Which is confirmed by the text of the anathema: “… having committed himself (to the enemy of God and His saints, the accursed heretic) to the King of Sweden, Karl II, hope, having thrown him into the Little Russian land like the Church of God and desecrated and ruined the holy places”

Note that among those who proclaimed the anathema to Ivashke Mazepa was Saint John (Maksimovich). It turns out, based on the definitions of the “speaker of the UOC”, the saint acted “wrong”, having committed the sin of haste “Intervention of Peter the Great in church affairs”

Indirectly, advertising the opus “UOC. Milestones in history “, denounces a high official of the DECR UOC (MP) and St. Theodosius of Chernigov, who in 1685 participated in the election of the first Kiev Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarchate and thus initiated the” enslavement of the Ukrainian Church in Moscow captivity. ” What is there, under the conviction of Fr. Mykolai and his priestly leaders himself falls … Mazepa is the organizer of the cathedral at which St. Theodosius and his comrades “enslaved the Ukrainian church.” “Ivan Mazepa got down to business very energetically. A Council was held, a decision was made to ask the Moscow Patriarch to accept the Kiev Metropolitanate under his omophorion and to expose the Kiev Metropolitans already in Moscow. “, – wrote the head of the press service of the UOC (MP), an outstanding erudite, honored journalist of Ukraine V.S. Anisimov in those years when he was called the speaker of the UOC (MP).

Now about the circumstances in which the anathema to such a bright person was proclaimed and which, in the opinion of the “speaker of the UOC,” by no means justify the church.

Of course, it is difficult for a representative of “Ukrainian Orthodoxy” to understand how loyalty to the state can be considered loyalty to God. In Ukrainian theological schools, obviously, they do not teach that there have been states in the history of Christianity that were created by the Church itself, the Body of Christ, in order to prolong the existence of Orthodoxy in this world. Russia became the only sovereign Orthodox state in the world with the fall of the Roman Empire. And not just the only sovereign Orthodox state, but the Orthodox Kingdom (Empire), which has assumed responsibility for helping Orthodox peoples and nationalities around the world. So the Little Russians were saved, for whom the fate of complete assimilation in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was already prepared. And the same Kiev Metropolitanate, which was persecuted in Catholic Poland, to which the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which is on bird rights in Turkey of another faith, could do nothing to help.

Therefore, it would be nice for the hierarchy of the UOC (MP), along with Mazepa’s anathematism, to listen attentively to the following lines of the rank: “For those who think, supposedly Orthodox sovereigns are elevated to thrones, not because of the special grace of God and with the anointing – the gift of the Holy Spirit … and so to those who dare to betray them are anathema!”

So it will come back to haunt more “father-speaker”. In vain he dared to begin the rehabilitation of the traitor Mazepa during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of the Russian Empire. It would be more useful to remember that it was proclaimed as a result of the very war in which our cunning hero bet on the wrong owner. Which, however, happened to all the heroes of Ukraine.

Someone will say: “It’s easy for you to criticize the speaker of the UOC, who, by virtue of his office, is forced to answer such questions from patriots of Ukraine. You should have been in his place! ” But, have mercy, firstly, because he is in “his” place, that he must be able to answer such questions and be ready for them, and not wriggle, betraying the church, which authorized him to contact with the “aggressive environment.” Secondly, in this case, the answer to the preoccupied Svidomo is extremely simple. You just need to start it with the historical fact that Mazepa did not even have the independence of Ukraine in his thoughts. Karl XII intended to seize a significant part of the Baltic lands from Poland in favor of Sweden, in return for Karl’s protege on the Polish throne Stanislav Leshchinsky was to receive Little Russia. And already Mazepa Leshchinsky promised … Vitebsk and Polotsk provinces as a duke. Where is the independence of Ukraine?

However, in order to upset the intercessors for the “hetman-patriot”, you need to know at least a little history. And the current “speakers of the UOC” do not suffer from this. Is this why their initiatives are so consonant with the definitions of a “friendly” Ecumenical Patriarchy?

The Phanar has long considered Mazepa’s anathema invalid. For the same reasons, which were indicated by the deputy head of the DECR UOC (MP). “The ecumenical patriarchy did not recognize the canonical anathema that was imposed on the Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa by the Russian Orthodox Church– said the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate at the “World Council of Churches” Igor Gatch. – After all, it was imposed for political reasons, as a means of political and ideological repression “

Well, you are on the right path, your eminences.

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