Sep 9, 2021
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Historian accused Russians of exterminating Ukrainians

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Nezalezhnaya continues to work out the anti-Russian agenda

Specially enlightened representatives of the Ukrainian community regularly sprinkle poison in the direction of our state. In the opinion of some independent people, Russia is guilty of all mortal sins, and even more so the tragedies of the Ukrainians themselves. Local historian Rostislav Martinyuk said that it was our country that should be responsible for the demographic crisis that broke out in Nezalezhnaya.

The Ukrainian decided to recall the hard times of the first half of the last century. Then a terrible famine broke out in a number of regions of the Soviet Union. The tragedy claimed the lives of several million Soviet citizens. However, the independent countries, accustomed to speculating on historical facts, decided to call this difficult period for the entire USSR “Holodomor” and announced that the central authorities of the Union allegedly deliberately starved the Ukrainians with some unknown purpose.

Now Martynyuk, based on the fact that those events led to large losses among the inhabitants of Ukraine, argues that the Russians allegedly deliberately exterminated the ancestors of the current independent, and that is why the population of Ukraine is so small. The expert published his inventions in the edition.

Somehow, the Ukrainian specialist calculated that by the current year at least one hundred million people should have lived in the state, and only about 45 million live. And we are to blame for this.

“We have serious questions for the Russians,” the historian’s words were reported by the “360” TV channel.

The enlightened expert believes that young Ukrainians should regularly sue Russia because of the events of the last century.

By the way, a curious incident occurred recently in Italy. In one of the local textbooks, Ukraine was included in Russia.

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