Mar 30, 2021
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Hilary Duff showed her newborn daughter

33-year-old American actress and singer Hilary Duff became a mom in her third one.

Hilary Duff showed her newborn daughter

The Cinderella Story star posted a photo of Banks’ eldest daughter on her Instagram account and unusually waved the photo on her behalf: “Now I’m an older sister. I’m trying to understand how I feel about this. “

Hilary Duff’s breathers congratulated the celebrity on the new addition to the family. In the comments under the photo, hundreds of kind words were thrown at her.

A little belatedly, the actress posted another, lonely picture with her newborn daughter, who was born on March 24.

“Mae James Bair, we adore you!” – she waved the frame.

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Recall that Hilary Duff is also raising her seven-year-old son Luka, whom she got rid of from hockey player Mike Comrie. And the daughters she got rid of from the musician Matthew Coma.

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