Aug 26, 2022
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Highlighting and lighting trees in the garden: important points

Highlighting and lighting trees in the garden: important points

So you built a house, planted trees, plants, shrubs, decorated everything … So what to do next?

glowing trees

Glowing trees would be a good option! It is possible that a chic tree with a powerful crown grows on your site, and you want to illuminate it even at night. Or maybe you have an amazing tree with several trunks, and hiding this miracle is simply wrong.

This method of lighting a tree is suitable for those specimens that have a beautiful trunk, but not a lush crown, or for small specimens. Amazing ground lighting will make the tree look much taller, thus giving the garden a theatrical look.

If you have a tree with a lush crown, then using the same ground lamp, you can achieve a similar effect.

Only the location of the ground lamp changes – it needs to be placed a little further from the trunk, and the lighting should be directed to the crown. You can buy such devices in the online store, only you need to choose the right size and power.

It all depends on the size of the tree.

Using one lamp will provide illumination of a small tree with a large but compact crown. And if it is branched, then you should purchase several ground lamps that can cover the tree with their power.

Gabius effect

This is an amazing method to use. Gabius effect – contour lighting, in which the ground lamp is located behind the tree at a small distance from it, and the light is directed from the bottom up.

When you pass by this tree, you will observe its silhouette from the front side, while the texture of the specimen will be indistinguishable to everyone.

The method is most effective for lighting coniferous trees. If you have spruces growing along the entire fence, then the location of the lamps between it and the trees directly will be an unusual way, the light should be directed to coniferous specimens. Thus, you will achieve an excellent result – the fence will remain in the shade, and you will visually increase the boundaries of the territory.

Lamp power

If you opt for silhouette lighting, then you should choose a more powerful lamp, if on the front – a weaker one. Otherwise, too bright lighting will not create the desired effect, it will destroy the entire texture and color of the tree.

The most naturally glowing trees will look when illuminated from above. Under its influence, not only plants fall, but also the soil around them, which create a natural balance between light and shadow. But this method is applicable only for low trees.

The backlight looks great on large trees when the lamps are mounted on branches or a trunk.

This method allows you to illuminate the crown from the inside, it focuses on all its parts, and also illuminates the area under the tree. But do not forget about the cords – you must hide them as far as possible from prying eyes.

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