Dec 29, 2020
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High temperature for several days in a row: first results of vaccination

Ufa resident Alena Savelyeva decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and spoke on social networks about how everything went.

The girl says that the proposal to vaccinate was received by the robot. Although it is strange that from a large team of people, only two people became vaccinated.

Alena says that in the evening after the vaccination, her temperature rose to 37 degrees, the condition was the same as with a common cold, there was drowsiness and headache. At the same time, in the morning the girl felt great, despite the fact that the temperature was 38 degrees. Despite this temperature, the girl nevertheless decided not to miss work, since she was feeling great. In the evening, the temperature rose to 38, 5. Alena did not take antipyretic drugs, but simply rested and went to bed. On the third day, the girl’s condition returned to normal.

Netizens supported the girl’s decision to get vaccinated.

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