Jun 30, 2020
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High demands Bezrukov and his rejection of the filming of “the Brigade-2” deprived of the last chance of success

Blame it on vanity Sergei. For the role of Sasha White took a little-known actor that challenged the ratings of the film.

Sergei Bezrukov. Photo taken from Instagram s_bezrukov

After the screens out the series “Brigada”, played it the main characters instantly received fame and glory. Not an exception and Sergei Bezrukov, who played Sasha White, around which place the main events.

10 years after the release of the first season, the network appeared the news that the filmmakers decided to shoot the second part of the “Team”, hoping to repeat the success.

Initially, Todorovski still called Sergei and the shooting agreed, but put forward a number of their own conditions. Sharply fell on the actor’s fame and popularity has not gone unnoticed: in the head “hit” the “star disease”.

For a start, he decided to take the opportunity to beg for funds for the organization of your own creation: movie about Sergei Yesenin. Role, of course, he wanted to play on their own.

But the most shocking for Todorovsky was the statement of Sergei that he will personally choose the Director and cast. After such capriciousness, Bezrukov pointed to the door.

Reviews of the series “Brigade-2”.

Later, the man said that for any money he wouldn’t have to star in the sequel of the film. Apparently, he said about it in order to soothe hurt feelings. Failure Bezrukov from the filming of “the Brigade-2” deprived of the last chance of success. The picture of exhausted, and entirely negative reviews. Place of Sergei on the set of “the Brigade-2” took Ivan Makarevich, which the ratings of the movie fell to the bottom. Fans expected to see in the lead role Bezrukov and was very disappointed when the Director found a replacement. The game Makarevich considered unattractive compared to the acting data of their idol. Many say that without Bezrukov “the Brigade” is not the same and demanded his return. However, in this step the writers could not go on, now, obvious reasons.

And even in spite of the fact that the first part of the movie, according to fans, broke all records thanks to Sergey, his vanity and the high demands he closed his way to glory.

Reviews of the series “Brigada” with Sergey Bezrukov.

Colleagues on the set talked about how power behaves Sergei. It’s like he puts himself “at the head” above others. And Bezrukov has repeatedly said: “everybody understands Now that I’m an actor versatile. Nobody believed that I would be able to put on screen the godfather. When he saw HOW I played White, then made sure that I any role on the shoulder!”.

Sergey believes that after the movie was released, it rose not only in the eyes of society, but as an actor, which means his day is many times more expensive and it can “twist the rope” from Directors and producers.

Anastasia Glazova

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