Dec 28, 2020
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“Herring under a fur coat” will cost the Russians 8% more expensive

The minimum amount that will have to be spent on the preparation of six servings of the traditional New Year’s salad will be 201 rubles in 2020.

Analysts came to this conclusion after examining the data from the checks for the period from December 15 to December 20, 2020, transfers TASS.

This means the cost of two kilograms of salad prepared according to the traditional recipe: potatoes, carrots, herring, beets, onions, mayonnaise, chicken eggs.

500 grams of potatoes will cost an average of 18.9 rubles, the same amount of carrots – 8.5 rubles, beets – 8.1 rubles, four chicken eggs – 46.1 rubles, 100 grams of onions – 1.9 rubles, 250 grams of mayonnaise – 49.3 rubles, 500 grams of salted herring – 68.1 rubles.

The most expensive salad will be in Evpatoria – 354 rubles, in Biysk the cheapest, 122 rubles.

On average, a ready-made salad can be bought in Russia at a price of 388.5 rubles per kilogram, while in Chelyabinsk “herring under a fur coat” costs only 188.3 rubles, and in St. Petersburg it is almost ten times more expensive – 1,857 rubles.

As wrote, the executive director of the Fish Association Alexander Fomin told in what form it is better to purchase herring for the New Year’s feast. According to him, first of all, you need to pay attention to storage conditions. It is better to buy whole fish and cut it yourself, adding seasonings and sauces if desired.

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