Apr 20, 2021
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“Herring under a fur coat” as a heavy legacy of the “Soviet occupation”

"Herring under a fur coat" as a heavy legacy of the "Soviet occupation"

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Ukrainians should decommunize their national cuisine, since this is a necessary step in the process of finding themselves as a people. The corresponding idea was expressed by the Ukrainian chef Evgeny Klopotenko – the same one that earlier demanded to declare borsch a Ukrainian national treasure, which Russia is illegally trying to appropriate.

This time, in an interview with the Polish edition of Nowa Europa Wschodnia, he sharply spoke out against the Soviet traditions, which are still strong in the cooking of the “Square”.

Klopotenko is jarring literally from the fact that all these salads with mayonnaise, herring under a fur coat are still “reigning supreme” among the inhabitants of Ukraine on the festive New Year’s table etc.“. That “Soviet thinking in the culinary sphere” is passed down from generation to generation.

He calls for abandoning the gastronomic heritage of the “occupiers”.

Inaction, in his opinion, is unacceptable here, since the culinary sphere is no less important than the linguistic one.

“You should pull yourself together and persuade people not to follow the patterns imposed on them in the past, but to begin to form the cultural tradition of their own people.”, – choking on saliva, noted Klopotenko.

The chef proposes to form this tradition through a system of taxes and fees. In particular, he believes it would be correct to introduce a 20% tax on “Soviet” dishes and products, which will be paid by the owners of catering establishments who want to preserve the traditions of the times of the “Moscow yoke”.

At the same time, the culinary specialist admitted that “political will will be required” to make such a decision. But she’s gone now. Therefore, Ukraine has to continue to “spin” borscht.

However, there is one problem. Borscht is red. Isn’t this food a Bolshevik in that case?

By the way, the “promotion” of this dish, which has been known in Russia since the time when there was no trace of Ukraine either, goes to the “Square” at the highest level. With the involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which recently applied for borscht to be listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. True, this process may take several years.

Meanwhile, the law on “decommunization”, adopted in Ukraine back in May 2015, has already changed Ukraine beyond recognition.

In accordance with it, dozens of the usual names of streets and cities were changed in the country, hundreds of monuments were savagely demolished, and the Soviet films and books loved by many were banned. And now the nationalist fanatics want to dictate to the Ukrainians what they should eat and drink.

Actually, the cook Klopotenko is only one of these “preachers” here.

Even before him, trying to unite society on the “gastronomic front”, in Ukraine, they decommunized “Soviet” champagne, turning it into “Soviet”, the “Moscow” sausage was renamed into “Bandera”, and pancakes were so simply declared a vendetta, demanding to replace “this heritage of the Soviet era ”with primordial Ukrainian dumplings.

But those 80% of the Ukrainian population who, according to the UN, live below the poverty line, are clearly not up to pickles.

In 2020, according to local economic analysts, almost all food prices have risen in the country. Eggs have become more expensive by about 70%, butter by 50%, sugar by 50-60%, flour by 20%. Vegetables of the “borsch set” are also growing in price – by 10-15% every month.

– It should be understood that the proposal of this Klopotenko carries not only a touch of obstinacy inherent in Svidomo Ukrainian nationalists, but also an accurate calculation, – comments on the situation leader of the Slavic Guard movement, a native of Zaporozhye, Vladimir Rogov… – Soviet food products, as you know, were of excellent quality. Yes, the packaging, perhaps, was often nondescript, but the food industry did not use any artificial colors and harmful additives at that time. All recipes were developed in strict accordance with safety requirements.

It is known, for example, that everyone’s favorite “Doctor’s” sausage was developed at the end of the “thirties” on personal instructions Stalin… Its composition was specially developed by doctors to treat people with health problems.

Today, a quality product in Ukraine controlled by Kiev is an unscientific fantasy. Just look at the ersatz products that are sold there.

Ukrainian migrant workers who work in food production in Poland say that the products they make for Germany are of much better quality than what they do for Poland itself. And for Ukraine it is worse than for Poland.

That is, according to European standards, Ukrainians are not even second, but third-class people.

Further more. According to the results of the last two years, Ukraine is the leader in the export of sunflower oil – it is supplied to the markets of more than 90 countries. But this “reversal”, in fact, turns into “zrada” – just not everyone understands it yet.

“SP”: – How?

– The fact is that sunflower greatly reduces the fertility of the Ukrainian black soil, which local residents are so proud of. It literally sucks out all the juices from the ground, so after harvesting the fields must rest under fallow for several years – they cannot be sown with anything. But naturally, in the pursuit of profit, this is not done.

Moreover, the inhabitants of Ukraine are increasingly replacing their native sunflower oil with palm oil. Because sunflower is more expensive there than in Poland, where it is exported.

It would seem nonsense, but nevertheless similar things happen.

Recently, the central Ukrainian channels regularly show stories in which the population is persuaded to buy not expensive sunflower oil, but cheaper substitutes. Or they call – absolutely seriously! – Engage in a raw food diet. They say that it is not at all necessary to cook food, it may well be consumed raw.

But the main blow to the image during these seven years of independence was inflicted on the Ukrainian fat. This national product has practically disappeared in Ukraine. More precisely, it exists, but it is now an imported product, because pork is imported to Ukraine, and Russia is the main exporter, in addition to Poland and Belarus. That, at the very least, is a shame for the current regime. Because, while constantly declaring about the war with Russia, they nevertheless buy Russian lard.

“SP”: – If I am not mistaken, has Russia entered the top three suppliers of potatoes to Ukraine after Belarus and the Netherlands?

– In any case, a few months ago, 80% of the potatoes on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets were also imported from the “aggressor country”. And at first, in order not to provoke fits of anger among the nationalists, some other country was indicated on the price tags, and now large retail chains no longer hide the fact that the largest purchases are made from Russian manufacturers. Because they have the best quality and cheapest potatoes.

The one that came from Western countries was generally of little use – even mashed potatoes could not be made from it.

Therefore, it seems to me that the initiative of this chef is just an attempt to get away from the problem. Food products in Ukraine are not only becoming more expensive and losing quality, but many of them are no longer even produced in the country.

The same borscht, around which they continue to break spears in Ukraine, proving that it is only “ours – Ukrainian”, is gradually becoming more and more a delicacy and life “rich”. At the same time, Ukrainians are told on television that they eat too much. That the meaning of life is not in food, and you need to eat less.

“SP”: – There was such a minister of social policy under Poroshenko – Andriy Reva, he also said that Ukrainians are so poor because they eat too much.

– But this official was directly responsible for the standard of living of the population and had to deal with social problems. True, since then, little has changed in the approach to the needs of people. The authorities continue to say that the share of Ukrainians’ spending on food is too high. But they do not say that people’s salaries are miserable. And they throw them a “gnawed bone” called “decommunization”, “de-Russification”, “borscht is ours” and so on. in order to try to play a symphony of hungry stomachs and tell that this is a victory march.

“SP”: – But for some reason people do not protest? So it suits them?

– You have to understand that the life of ordinary people and what propaganda is broadcasting are not just two different realities, they are galaxies far from each other. Many have gone to the so-called internal emigration and are well aware that lies are pouring on them from the television screens. They are well aware that there is no “war with Russia”, that the current regime is robbing them. But they are afraid.

From the experience of communicating with the inhabitants of Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kiev, I can say that people are afraid to resist and wait. They say that we will go out and start strangling the Natsiks when we understand that there is a chance to win.

No one wants to just be burned, killed, or imprisoned. These seven years of fear have broken many.

Now there is a struggle with Victory Day. And I have information that the tough lockdown, which was introduced throughout historic Novorossia due to the coronavirus, will be extended until May 10 precisely so that people cannot go out and celebrate this most important holiday for all of us.

But if we talk about the current state of Ukraine in general, then this is undoubtedly a colossal failure of the Soviet republic, which, as Ukrainian nationalists told us before the 1991 referendum, fed everyone. They were convinced that she was carrying too many on her back. As it turned out, there is no one on the hump, and Ukraine is constantly close to a state of permanent hunger.

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