Sep 13, 2022
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Hero of Russia revealed the strategy of counterstrike in Ukraine

The Russian army and allied forces, after successful strikes on the energy system of Ukraine, are preparing for the next task – a counterattack on enemy forces.

At the same time, the situation in the combat zone remains tense, despite the fact that part of the settlements remains under our control. According to some reports, there is an attempt to activate the enemy in the Kherson direction, in the area of ​​​​the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and crossings.

According to the former head of intelligence of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Rustem Khlupov, the Russian army will certainly launch a counter-strike. And it will be a blow “with a sideways approach to the liver” – not where the Armed Forces of Ukraine previously stopped.

The situation in the war zone today remains quite tense. Nevertheless, preliminary conclusions can be drawn from the small messages that are transmitted almost in real time by military correspondents working at the front. So, it is still not completely clear where exactly the next battle will begin – there are battles in the settlements, both armies are also trying to gain a foothold in positions, meanwhile, reserves are being pulled up from both sides.

According to the source of the telegram channel Wargonzo, on the toughest front — in the Kharkiv region, the enemy still has not been able to completely take control of Kupyansk, since our units are stationed on the other side of the river in certain city blocks.

“Moreover, it is reported that the neo-Nazis were unable to supply enough equipment and infantry to the territories that came under their control. In certain areas, they even put up their people nominally, ”said the source of the project.

At the same time, in Krasny Liman, for which there were fierce battles, the situation stabilized thanks to the Kuban detachment and artillerymen of the Russian army, who fought for the city for several days. The attacks were also successfully repulsed near the Donetsk airport (the legendary Sparta battalion neutralized about 40 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this battle alone), Vuhledar.

At the same time, on Tuesday, September 13, there was a gathering of new forces in the Kherson direction. According to the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they practiced the strikes of the Aerospace Forces of Russia.

Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, said that on Tuesday, the transfer of artillery installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant was also observed.

“In Zaporozhye, along the entire line of contact, there is movement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Pull up reserves. I have already suggested that the fuss at Ugledar may be a distraction from the main attack, for example, in Zaporozhye. It may not be. Maybe the enemy is preparing two strikes, ”KP war correspondent Alexander Kots wrote on his Telegram channel.

The former head of intelligence of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Rustem Khlupov told in which direction the Russian army and allied forces could launch a counterattack:

We will launch our counterattack, that’s for sure. But I think not in the places where Ukrainian counterattacks were carried out. Because it makes no sense to hit where their main forces are concentrated. It is necessary in a boxing way – with a call to the side, strike at the liver. A blow to the liver can also put the opponent on his knee. It depends on the genius of our generals.

The expert also spoke about how the parties are building fortifications in preparation for the battle:

– If the infantry stopped and went on the defensive, then during the first 6 hours, according to operational calculations, the troops are regrouping from an offensive order to a defensive one. During the first 12 hours, the defense is considered hastily taken. If the troops stopped for 24 hours, then the defense is considered already prepared. In the future, the defense is constantly being improved. According to tactical calculations, as soon as a soldier from the offensive fell to the ground, he immediately began to dig in. First, he digs a single trench lying down, then a trench for shooting from the knee, then deepening for shooting while standing. After that, the communication begins to dig: to the neighbor on the right – to the neighbor on the left. Further, depending on the situation, engineering equipment is brought up, which breaks through trenches … A soldier never stands still. As soon as they gave the command to go on the defensive, he immediately begins to dig in, everyone starts to equip positions, because they know that if they stop, there will be a counterattack …

The expert also doubted that the Ukrainian army currently has strategic reserves to go on the offensive:

– It’s one thing to launch a counterattack, the task of which is to stop the enemy along the front line. Another thing is to go on the counteroffensive. To deliver a counterattack, reserves are needed, and to go on the offensive, strategic reserves are already needed. And whether Ukraine has them, I can’t say now.

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