Oct 28, 2021
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Hero and emptiness. Ukrainian angry bust of Gagarin in Portugal

The opening ceremony of the bust of Yuri Gagarin took place in Portugal.

April 12, 1961 in the spaceship “Vostok” Soviet officer Yuri Gagarin ascended into space orbit, becoming the first earthling to be in space. His jubilant “Let’s Go!” marked the beginning of a new era in the history of mankind.

“He was Russian”

Gagarin’s flight is one of the historical achievements recognized by the whole world. A smiling Russian guy, without exaggeration, has become a favorite of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. And after six decades, the attitude towards him has not changed.

Monuments to Yuri Gagarin have been installed not only in the post-Soviet space, but also far beyond its borders: in Italy, France, the USA, Montenegro, Great Britain, Croatia, Tunisia and other countries of the world.

In the spring of 2021, the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II remembered her meeting with Gagarin: “He was charming. And I think the fact that he was the first made him especially charming. “

“What was he like?” The British cosmologist asked the Queen Maggie Aderyn-Pocock.

“Russian,” Elizabeth II answered succinctly.

Yuri Gagarin belongs to all mankind, and at the same time he is ours, close and dear. The first cosmonaut still unites and brings nations together.

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to Great Britain as part of an international tour.  07/11/1961
Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin during a trip to Great Britain as part of an international tour. 07/11/1961 Photo: RIA Novosti

Accountant versus

On October 17, 2021, a bust of Yuri Gagarin by Alexei Leonov.

The composition is a Vostok rocket, next to which a bust of Gagarin in a space helmet is installed on a pedestal. The pedestal itself is red, with a hammer and sickle with a five-pointed star applied on it as a reminder of which country mankind owes its greatest achievement.

In Portugal, Gagarin is remembered and honored. Earlier this year, the Portuguese Post issued a postcard with a portrait of the first astronaut.

But, as it turned out, Gagarin hurts some eyes in Portugal.

The Portuguese edition Observador has released material entitled “A Trojan Gift for Oeiras.” The article was written by 51-year-old Pavel Sadokha, head of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal.

A native of Lvov, he once worked at the Lviv Automobile Plant, then worked as an accountant in the library, and in 2001 very patriotically drove off to Portugal for a better life. Over time, his main field of activity was work in the organizations of Ukrainian emigrants. In them, he mainly sold endless stories to the Portuguese about the oppression of Ukrainians by the Russians, about the Holodomor, etc. Since 2014, Sadokha has been fighting the “Russian occupation”: he has been helping Ukrainian punitive forces in Donbas with money, for which he was awarded the Order of Merit by the Kiev authorities »III degree.

In general, the essence of Mr. Sadokhi and his methods of obtaining funds for his subsistence are understandable. But what does Gagarin have to do with it?

“Concentration camp” in the name of Gagarin

It turns out that they infuriated the Ukrainian with the hammer and sickle in the composition: “The main element of the work is the coat of arms of the USSR, one of the most severe dictatorial regimes of the last century. A regime that has killed or imprisoned thousands of people, mainly members of the cultural and scientific elite. “

Here, however, it is not clear: if the dictatorial regime killed the entire scientific elite, then how did the USSR acquire an atomic bomb, launch a satellite and, finally, make Gagarin’s flight a reality?

But Sadokha does not reflect, but spreads: “Yuri Gagarin was indeed a brave man. However, in order for him to become the first person to fly into space, 15 republics of the USSR were turned into a huge concentration camp, where human life was not respected and where total poverty reigned. The most important designer of space rockets, Ukrainian Sergey Korolev, before the war he was imprisoned by the Soviet regime and released only because he was needed for the construction of missiles during the Second World War.

Of course, having ridiculed the entire Soviet Union, Sadokha did not forget to mention that Korolev was allegedly a Ukrainian. Sergei Pavlovich himself, however, considered himself a Soviet man, and independent Ukraine does not build missiles, but what does it matter, right?

Sergey Korolev.

Portugal was freed from the dictatorship by supporters of the same views that brought Gagarin into space

“The Russians’ proposals have already turned Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and dozens of other countries of the world into a social and political catastrophe. The Russians did this by “offering” totalitarian regimes to these countries. Maybe these Portuguese politicians want the same future for their own country? ” – Mr. Sadokha is indignant.

Apparently, in the mind of an accountant from Lvov, it works like this: at night, the bust of Gagarin comes to life, seizes power, after which Comrade Stalin and Comrade Beria immediately appear out of nowhere, who immediately begin to impose a dictatorship.

By the way, if the head of the Union of Ukrainians of Portugal knew at least a little the history of the country in which he lives, he would have recalled that the pro-fascist dictatorship in Portugal in the mid-1970s was overthrown by the military, the backbone of which were officers of socialist and communist views. A product of Soviet influence, so to speak.

In Portugal, the Communist Party operates completely legally, and its activists quite calmly go out to rallies with red banners with a hammer and sickle, like on the pedestal of Gagarin’s bust. Communist deputies sit in the Portuguese parliament, and this does not cause any hysteria in anyone. Except, of course, the Ukrainian emigrants who have gone crazy on the basis of decommunization.

Vladimir Zelensky.

Who offered Ukraine the current devastation?

Just at the same time that Mr. Sadokha is suffering because of the bust of Gagarin, schools and kindergartens in Ukraine are freezing due to the lack of heating. Municipalities are unable to pay gas bills due to soaring prices in Europe. The standard of living in Ukraine is such that in the eighth year after the “Revolution of Gidnosti” Ukrainians are trying to go to work abroad, as in a joke, even a stuffed animal, even a carcass. And who, excuse me, offered the Ukrainians such a regime? Russia? Cuba? North Korea? Or is it the representatives of another country, generous in the distribution of cookies?

Ukraine has dived where there will be no Gagarin, no Korolyov, no space exploration, no scientific achievements. All this is not supposed to “banana republics”. Realizing their wretchedness and insignificance, the notorious “Ukrainian patriots” will try to desecrate the memory of the heroes of the past: Soviet commanders, intelligence officers, underground heroes, scientists, cosmonauts.

A person with the psychology of a militant farmer can destroy a monument, but this will not raise him to the level of the one to whom the monument was erected.

Not all Alekseevichs are equally useful

Pavel Sadokhi and Yuri Gagarin have something in common: they are both Alekseevichs. But not all Alekseevichs are useful for humanity.

Gagarin will forever remain the first man in space, and the head of the Union of Ukrainians in Portugal will be an obscurantist who dishonors his own Fatherland. Although there is so much shame there today that one is more, one is less …

There is only one important nuance: the bust was installed officially, with the permission of the authorities. So, if Mr. Sadokha pulls his little hands to the first cosmonaut, he will already be talking with the Portuguese police. And Portugal is not Ukraine, vandalism is not welcome there either from insiders, not to mention newcomers.

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