May 29, 2022
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Here’s How You Can Release Deep Emotional Attachments to Others

Here's How You Can Release Deep Emotional Attachments to Others

Have you ever felt completely bogged down and drained from being so attached to someone? Yes, having a deep emotional connection with other people is good. But when it comes to literally breaking a person, this is bad.

This could include a sibling, parent, ex-spouse, child, current spouse, close friend, or even a work colleague.

These bonds form the tubes that connect people from chakra to chakra. Energy flows freely through these bonds back and forth between people.

However, there are cases when the flow of energy is one-way, flowing only from one person to another.

If this situation takes away your mental and physical well-being, here is a psychological technique that will help you.

  • Find a quiet, private place where you won’t be interrupted. Close your eyes and allow yourself to visualize the energy bonds coming from your body.
  • Imagine a big golden sword in your hands. Feel the power flowing through your hands. Lifting your sword, cut these bonds.
  • And then repeat like a mantra: “Now I am ready to release all attachments based on fear.”
  • Then visualize golden white light coming from the universe onto your body.
  • When you feel your aura filling with this light, slowly return to your current location, feeling the ground under your feet.
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