Dec 29, 2020
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“Heart stopped”: Borodina shared the grief that befell her family

Last weekend, Ksenia Borodina with her surname and friends laid a celebration in honor of the birthday of the youngest daughter Teona. On the following day, all household members were expected to be hit.

TV presenter Ksenia Borodina shared her emotions with subscribers about the tragic event. She said that suddenly the family’s favorite, the cat Casper, died.

According to Xenia, he felt good, he ate and spoke in the morning. Belatedly, Borodin opened him soulless on the windowsill. The examination found that the animal died due to a pumped out blood clot.

Ksenia turned to the difficult year of 2020, saying that he had already taken a lot from her and demanded that the year end more quickly.

In the comments, the subscribers formulated condolences to the presenter, and noted that the Maine Coon breed is characterized by problems with the circulatory system.

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