Dec 31, 2020
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Healthy January 1st. Doctor’s advice for a cheerful New Year’s morning

One of the shortest days of the year is January 1st. You wake up in the late afternoon and the previous “longest night” was full of food and alcohol. told about how to meet the New Year healthy and cheerful, as well as how to minimize the consequences of a stormy celebration. physician, cardiologist, endocrinologist Tatiana Romanenko

Early dinner and light meal

The success of a healthy and light one on January 1, says Tatiana Romanenko, lies in preliminary preparation. “In order for the first of January to bring us only joy, it is worth worrying about it the day before. The first thing we can do for ourselves is to properly spend New Year’s Eve. Of course, this issue is primarily related to food, ”says the therapist.

Tatyana Romanenko notes that it is worth changing traditions and not turning New Year’s Eve into full of heavy dishes that can significantly worsen a person’s well-being in the morning. “Have dinner with your family or loved ones a little early, at 6-7. And for the New Year, leave light snacks, fruits, desserts, drinks. Yes, as for the cakes, it is better to put them off until the morning, ”advises Romanenko.

Waking up after the holiday

An important nuance is getting up in the morning. “We wake up on January 1st, at what time we want and can. There can be two options: you have children or you are a free person, ”says Tatiana Romanenko. Small children won’t let you sleep anyway. So, the therapist notes, you need to plan your awakening on January 1 in advance so that you can devote time to the kids.

If there are no children or they have grown up a long time ago and no longer require attention, you can afford to sleep a little longer. You can sleep until you feel rested and refreshed.

Post-holiday food

Even though there was food at night, you shouldn’t skip breakfast. “The morning of January 1 should start with breakfast. And here we can afford that New Year’s cake that we put aside in the evening. This will be a festive breakfast that we will remember for a long time. At the same time, without harm to the figure and health, since we will be able to spend all those calories that will be in this cake, ”says Tatiana Romanenko.

You can also have breakfast with fruits or porridge, if you cannot imagine your morning without this dish. This will allow the body to tune in the right way and work as it should.

Holidays walks

Further, the therapist advises, you should go for a walk. “Try to deceive the sleeping city. No matter where you walk – in the park, in the courtyard, outside the city – it will still have tremendous benefits for your health. Walk as much as the weather, your clothes and your health allow, ”says Tatiana Romanenko.

At the same time, the therapist notes that the ideal option would be to walk for at least 1 hour in not very good weather and one and a half to two hours in good weather. In general, on holidays you need to walk every day and twice: morning and evening, or afternoon and evening. At the same time, being in the fresh air is considered safer, so it is better to plan meetings with friends while walking, says the therapist.

Upon returning home, the therapist notes, it is worth drinking a cup of hot tea to restore mental and physical strength. With the same cup you can plan your holidays.

Daily regime

One of the main points of plans for the weekend should be compliance with the regime. “Our late vigils, meeting friends, eating the wrong foods, going to bed late and falling asleep may not backfire very well in the future. If possible, you need to be in mode. Only two nights can be considered an exception: New Year’s and Christmas, ”the therapist notes.

First aid for problems

If, nevertheless, New Year’s Eve makes itself felt with headaches, palpitations and other unpleasant consequences, it is worth starting to provide yourself with first aid.

“First, you still need to get up, no matter how bad you are. Second, a sufficient amount of liquid will help to improve your well-being. It can be ordinary water, freshly brewed tea, tea with ginger, water with lemon, any drink that is comfortable to taste, ”says Tatiana Romanenko.

But in relation to brine, which traditionally many people like to solder, you should be more careful.

“After a party, excessive alcohol consumption can increase blood pressure, so pickle is not the best way to get your body in order. But pickled apples, kefir, ayran, dairy products can be a significant help, ”says Tatiana Romanenko.

In the presence of nausea, if the day before there was an abuse of alcohol and the wrong dishes, one cannot do without sorebents. “Preference can be given to activated carbon, as well as other more modern drugs. It’s all for everyone’s personal taste. It will be more effective if you take such drugs at night, that is, immediately after a meal, ”the doctor notes.

If you suffer from a headache, there are also a number of nuances. “Analgesics will help if there is no allergy to drugs, and there are no diseases of the broncho-pulmonary and cardiovascular systems,” says Tatiana Romanenko. The therapist also notes that a headache can be a sign of a drop in blood glucose levels in a person: “It would be nice to eat a spoonful of honey, sweet fruits, dried fruits.” A decrease in trace elements in the blood can also lead to a headache.

And, of course, you should not exclude water procedures. “A contrast shower will help you quickly recover and feel cheerful and happy,” concludes the therapist.

There are contraindications, it is necessary to consult a doctor

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