Dec 31, 2020
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Healthy eating lifestyle

Healthy eating lifestyle

Currently, many girls strive to achieve the cherished numbers on the scales, but this is all the more difficult to achieve in modern days. How to strictly fulfill all the requirements of proper nutrition, when most of the commercials campaign for the use of fast food, high-calorie foods and flour products? How can you gather all your will into a fist and lose weight, when all your friends around you eat huge portions of junk food every day with great appetite? This requires incredible effort and tremendous willpower.

The basic principles of a healthy diet

Proper nutrition can not only help a person lose weight, but also improve health, strengthen immunity, recharge with vivacity and energy, and also help to feel lightness throughout the body. The result of the selection of a course of low-calorie, and, most importantly, balanced nutrition will also be noticeable changes in the condition of the skin in a positive direction.

It is necessary to switch to compliance with the requirements of the rules of healthy eating gradually, otherwise there is a high probability of “breaking out” and eating up harmful, high-calorie food.

First of all, it is required to significantly reduce the consumption of sugar, fatty and starchy (potatoes, bakery and pasta) products. Avoid roasting. You need to accustom yourself to cooking stews, baked, boiled dishes, as well as steamed.

The next step is to learn how to divide your daily food intake into 5-6 meals, eating every 2.5-3 hours. For the first and second breakfast, you can use fruits and cottage cheese to get the required amount. For lunch and afternoon tea, it is better to use vegetables and some meat, poultry or fish. 2-3 hours before bedtime, you must take the last meal, and it is recommended to eat either meat or poultry, and use vegetables as a side dish. You need to eat so that the daily calorie content of the diet was 1500-1700 kilocalories.

Sometimes, when the body gets used to the new diet enough and it ceases to be stressful for it, it is possible to spend the so-called “fasting days” on fruits and vegetables (1.5 kg), meat or “milk zigzags”, the essence of which is the monotonous consumption of milk products (kefir – 1.5, milk – 800 ml).

Such “unloading” is carried out when you have gone over the calories and it is worth making up for the lost pace. The entire volume of the selected product must be divided so that you get 5-6 servings a day, and it is recommended to eat only when you feel hungry. On such days, it is especially necessary to monitor the use of water. If on a normal day, on a proper diet, you need to drink from one and a half to two liters, then on a fasting day, the body needs even more.

There is a well-known stereotype that healthy food is always tasteless. But this is absolutely not the case! Even a low-calorie diet must be varied and enjoyable. For example, a salad can contain several types of products, so replacing just a few ingredients will give a completely new range of taste sensations.

The most difficult part of the transition to a healthy diet is the need to deprive yourself of unhealthy high-calorie foods. However, over time, healthy eating will become an integral habit and a fulfilling lifestyle!

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