Jan 5, 2022
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Healthy breakfast to start your day with

Healthy breakfast to start your day with

We will tell you what nutritionists recommend to eat in the morning, what a healthy breakfast, the main principles of a proper breakfast.

During a night’s sleep, the body does not stop working – it actively processes what we ate the entire previous day.

This energy is spent on cell renewal and nutrition of organs and tissues. Most people do not eat or drink at night, although there are exceptions – some get up to drink water or have a snack.

Therefore, for the most part, the body wakes up in the morning with a feeling of hunger, even if we are not aware of it – this is hunger at the level of cells, they have accumulated a lot of free radicals, toxins and little water, they need nourishment for awakening and active inclusion in metabolism …

This is what breakfast is for.

Different nations prefer very different, not always ordinary, dishes for breakfast.

The traditional Russian breakfast dish is porridge.

The national English breakfast includes fried egg, bacon, sausages, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, marmalade. Also in Ireland and Britain it is customary to offer a special black pudding.

In Poland, potato pancakes are served with scrambled eggs and sausage. The Spaniards prefer sandwiches with garlic, tomato, cheese, ham and olive oil.

In Thailand, it is customary to serve rice with fish, in Mexico – corn chips with cheese and beans, in Japan – fish with rice and tofu, in Colombia – a soup based on milk, cheese and green onions.

For breakfast, you can prepare a great variety of different dishes – from lean to very hearty, from simple to exotic.

But the main thing you need to know is that you need to have breakfast; and do it right without harming the body.

Nutritionists recommend

Nutritionists recommend having breakfast no later than 2 hours after waking up. If this is not done, then metabolic disorders and even an increase in the risk of diabetes mellitus are possible.

At the same time, breakfast should be satisfying enough with the inclusion of proteins and carbohydrates. But there should not be too many calories so that the body does not spend a lot of time on their assimilation.

Nutritionists recommend choosing dishes from eggs, cottage cheese, fish, poultry, various cereals, leafy greens for breakfast.

Sandwiches with natural meat on whole grain bread will be good.

But fried sausages, bacon, beans, spicy dishes should be discarded.

Healthy breakfast

A good addition to breakfast is yoghurt and other fermented milk drinks.

But it is an addition, not an independent dish. After yogurt, a lot of hydrochloric acid can be produced, which will irritate the stomach.

Also, do not drink freshly squeezed juices in the morning, especially citrus fruits, as they provoke the production of acids.

Drinking natural coffee for breakfast, not soluble substitutes, or black tea – these drinks help you lose weight.

Get rid of the cream and sugar in your coffee – they won’t do you any good.

Fish is one of the best ways to start your day. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the fat content of the fish.

Fatty fish is not suitable for breakfast, but boiled or baked fish is ideal. You can eat almost any fish.

Soups are an excellent breakfast option for those who are in a hurry or cannot eat tightly in the morning.

Eating soup for breakfast is not very common, but soup gives a long-lasting feeling of fullness, helps to normalize digestion, and enables our body to wake up smoothly.

But it should be remembered that soups with meat broth are no longer a healthy breakfast.

And the last one is a sandwich, don’t be surprised, but a sandwich can also be a good breakfast, provided that it is a “right” sandwich.

If you don’t eat white bread with sausage and butter, but instead take a piece of lavash, put a piece of fish, such as salmon, on it, add a couple of pieces of tomato and cucumber and a couple of lettuce leaves to this and get a perfectly acceptable breakfast option.

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