Jul 6, 2020
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“He made me a proposal”: Monatic “put” on Faith Brezhnev wedding dress

The famous singer Vera Brezhneva not so long ago has pleased his fans by posting a selection of photos in a luxurious wedding dress. As it turned out, dressing up the bride the actress was forced by popular Ukrainian artist Monatic.

Of course, the pictures in this way does not mean that Brezhnev and Meladze decided to get married, or what is worse, divorce. In this way the performer is literally "dressed up" singer Monatic, as such she was to be their joint video for the song "Party". According to the Vera Brezhneva, wedding image was the last in the work on the new video, which, according to the story, ends with a wedding. "During the filming of this part we all wanted only one thing, that the light was not switched off. It was late at night, and even in the vicinity of Barcelona in February it was quite cold," said the celebrity, adding that to warm up the artists helped the dance.

By the way, the dress from the famous designer Ivan Frolov for this clip was not quite normal. It was presented in a rather short outfit with sleeves-smocking and full skirt. "Pretty stylish", - shared his impressions of the singer.

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