Nov 8, 2021
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Having painted a portrait of an ideal woman, the artist met her in reality a year later.

portrait of an ideal womanAhad Saadi said that his mother often put pressure on him about the time to get married.

portrait of an ideal woman

That is why the artist from Tabriz (Iran) decided not only to reflect on the image of an ideal woman, but also to depict this image. After completing the portrait, Ahad exhibited it a year later at the Huner-Mukaddes Gallery, and a miracle happened during the exhibition. The artist Paris Caramnejad came there, who, looking at the portrait of an ideal woman, was shocked – it seemed to her that she was looking in the mirror.

portrait of an ideal woman

At that moment, Paris did not even suspect that she was admiring the picture that her future husband painted, but this is exactly what happened. Seeing his imaginary model in reality, Ahad felt great excitement, but everything ended exactly as it should – a romance and subsequent wedding.

The artist paints paintings by Van Gogh on the water

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