Sep 12, 2022
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Having bought a spectacular outfit, the woman began to look wrapped in towels

spectacular outfit looks like towelsAfter receiving an invitation to the wedding, a resident of the UK named Susie was worried about the outfit.

spectacular outfit looks like towels

The woman wanted to both comply with the dress code and not outshine the bride, and look her best. So she decided to look for inspiration in the ASOS online store.

spectacular outfit looks like towels

It would seem that Susie found what she needed – a spectacular suit, which consisted of a cropped top and a midi skirt. But, as is often the case, the reality was strikingly different from the beauty that was presented on the site.

spectacular outfit looks like towels

Susie shared her fashion failure with social media users, and people for the most part admitted that the unfortunate suit is most similar to terry towels wound around the body. The woman looks as if she just got out of the shower. It seems that it is too early for the wedding guest to relax and they need to continue searching for the “same” outfit.

Instead of a new coat, the customer received a semblance of a sleeping bag

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