Feb 20, 2021
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Have you learned to transplant your head?

The world’s first successful transplant of both hands and face (including forehead, eyebrows, nose, eyelids, lips, ears, and facial bones) to a 22-year-old American who received burns of 80% of his body, was announced by doctors at a clinic in New York. “As for the head, doctors have not learned how to restore a completely detached spinal cord and cranial nerves that go separately from it,” says futurologist Alexander Lavrin… – In addition, the brain begins to die within minutes after the loss of blood supply. Such an operation seems incredible, especially when you consider that any potential damage to the brain makes the whole purpose of the transplant meaningless. ”

In 2015, the Russian programmer Valery Spiridonov, suffering from congenital spinal amyotrophy (a disease in which muscles and skeleton do not develop), agreed to the Italian surgeon Canavero for a head transplant, despite the high risk of death. While the method was being tested, Valery got married, went to study in the United States, found a job there in his specialty and became a father. Spiridonov himself says about the operation: “It is paused – on my part.”

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