Aug 11, 2022
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“Hatred”: Britney Spears spoke about her sons

A few days ago, the father of the children of Britney Spears spoke about her relationship with her sons. He admitted that the boys do not want to communicate with their mother due to the fact that she regularly posts her nude photos online.

"Hatred": Britney Spears spoke about her sons

These words greatly hurt the singer. She admitted that she was offended by the fact that the ex-husband decided to discuss her relationship with the children. And now the singer spoke about her children.

“I know teenagers at this age are just hard to deal with, but look, there is rudeness and there is hatred. They would come to me, go straight to their room and lock the door! You could say that they just like to be in your room, but then why come to me, is that how they visit? But I never said that, because I had to be kind, “wrote Britney.

She believes that she did everything she could for her sons and tried to establish communication with them. But now Sean and Jayden prefer their father’s company.

"Hatred": Britney Spears spoke about her sons

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