Dec 31, 2020
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Haters attacked Larisa Guzeeva’s daughter because of her long tongue

Haters attacked Larisa Guzeeva's daughter because of her long tongue

The presenter Larisa Guzeeva was forced to defend her daughter Olga Bukharova.

The star was photographed at the New Year’s event that took place at her work. The woman posed with Dmitry Nagiyev, with whom she was in a relationship about 35 years ago. And also with 20-year-old daughter Olga Bukharova.

Host of the show “Let’s Get Married!” published this footage on her personal blog, prompting a wave of comments from followers. Some subscribers drew attention to the fact that the artist worked on her image, radically changing her hairstyle, while others were struck by the behavior of her daughter, who showed her tongue to the photographers.

This tomfoolery provoked real verbal battles on Instagram Guzeeva. Some condemned the girl for frivolous behavior, while others stood up for her, believing that a lot is allowed at a young age.

Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter
Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter

Oh, a little education …“- for example, wrote one of the users. Larisa Guzeeva did not remain silent and answered: “I think it’s too late for you. Then you will only get worse and angrier“. She no longer entered into an argument, leaving the commentators to their own interests.

Among the hate comments, one can see the following messages on Larisa’s blog: “The daughter has an incomprehensible behavior “,” The daughter is badly brought up. She shows her tongue on all the shoots ”,“ Everything is fine, except for the language ”,“ An adult “baby”, behaves strangely ”,“ Dilda with a tongue, mom is class ”,“ What a long tongue your daughter has!

Well, something like this defended the daughter of their favorite Guzeeva fans: “What’s wrong with that? “,” What is the bad upbringing? That she showed her tongue? ”,“ Are you scolding for showing her tongue and acting ?! Do not take childhood away from children. They will still have time to be angry, dissatisfied and serious ”,“ Why is there so much anger? Did the girl do something bad? Here are the people …

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