Jul 31, 2020
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Has the first photo of newborn son of the stars “House-2” Sasha Black and Joseph said

12:46, 30.07.2020

The boy was born in one of the capital perinatal centers.

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In the "House-2" is a new addition. Today, the pair Alexandra Black and Joseph said became parents in the morning Sasha in one of the capital perinatal centers gave birth to a boy weighing 3640 grams and growth 55 see the reality TV Star made a scheduled C-section. Joseph was always with his wife, supported by Sasha and kept it on for a minute.

Has the first photo of newborn son of the stars "House-2" Sasha Black and Joseph said

Pregnancy was for Black test: in these months, she and Joseph fled from the cameras and removed the flat to prepare for baby's arrival in a relaxed atmosphere. Sasha was severe morning sickness, and she admitted in an interview that much worry before the birth. In addition, the provisional date of birth, the doctors called on 20 July, but by this time the body of Sasha was not ready for the advent of a child into the world. At the last routine physical examination she was sent home by assigning the caesarean section on July 30, if labor doesn't start naturally.

But the child Hovhannisyan was their plans for the birth. On the eve of Sasha Black water broke, and at 5.30 am the contractions started. The baby was born at 10.42. The couple already has plans for the future: after the decree Sasha wants to return to the "Dom-2" and to fight for the apartment, and in case of failure to take a real estate mortgage in Moscow. Black also spoke about his goal to lose weight if cameras.

Pregnant Sasha Black

We will remind that about how she found out about her pregnancy, the participant "House-2" told in an exclusive video interview "Around the TV". "My husband went on vacation, and then I began to suspect some change in me. For example, I have a wild fear of cars. That is, I'm going with a friend, I want to cross the road, but I'm afraid to do it. I didn't understand what was happening. Still, I was sitting on a certain diet that everyone followed, but suddenly started to gain weight. Then there was a delay and I understand what it is," shared Black.

Exclusive video interview "Around the TV" Sasha Black and Joseph Hovhannisyan

Add that Sasha is Black and Joseph Hovhannisyan were married in December 2018. The wedding ceremony is the most bright and eccentric pair of the reality show was held in the Vernadsky Registrar. After the official part of the event, the couple went to the Studio where they filmed all the talk-show "House-2". It was there held the main celebration. The wedding was attended by the young family, friends and, of course, colleagues on the scandalous teleproject.

For spugesdu life Oganesyana repeatedly had intended to divorce, but each time they were able to reconcile. After learning about the upcoming addition, in the pair at the time there was idyllic, but at some point we began to quarrel. Moreover, Black and is preparing to become a single mother. Fortunately, over time, relations between spouses is normal.

Sasha Black and Joseph Hovhannisyan

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