May 10, 2021
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Harvest conspiracies for the summer – 2021

Harvest conspiracies for the summer - 2021

Many people dream of getting an excellent harvest and stocking up on healthy food for the whole winter. With effective conspiracies for the summer of 2021, everyone will be able to grow magnificent vegetables, berries and fruits, replenish their supply of vitamins and share their harvest with loved ones.

It is not always possible to grow a good harvest, and this may be due to weather conditions, plant diseases, as well as insect pests. Experts recommend avoiding trouble and getting an excellent harvest with the help of effective conspiracies.

Before moving the seedlings to greenhouses or open ground, they say: “The earth nourishes plants, does not dry out, protects them from pests. As if I would plant it, I will grow it that way, for everyone’s joy, for my own sweetness. ” After that, the plants are transplanted and sprinkled with ash.

You will get an excellent harvest if you speak with the following words before planting a plant: “It’s as if everything is blooming in the spring, it starts growing, it’s forcibly poured, so my seedlings will grow, ripen, and reward me with a harvest”. Plants, after planting, are watered, if possible, with melt or rainwater so that they get stronger.

After the seedlings or seeds are planted, the beds are sprayed with spring water with the words: “The forest does not remain without life-giving moisture, grows impenetrably, blooms with flowers, overgrows with harvest. So much will I bring healing water, I will water my plants. They will grow unrestrained, they will bear the harvest for me. “

You will get a good harvest of berries and fruits if you tie a red thread, previously soaked in spring or spring water, to each tree or bush, and whisper: “My plants make me happy with the harvest, they give me vitamins. They can’t be smoothed, they don’t get sick, don’t mock. ” Such a conspiracy will save the coming harvest from any problems, including the evil eye from the envious.

In the middle of summer, the plants speak, spilling the beds with rainwater: “Grow, my garden, heave up, feed with life-giving moisture, pour fruits.” A similar conspiracy is read in the morning alone so that no one can jinx the plants.

You will get an excellent harvest even if you follow the lunar calendar and use the sparkling energy in order to grow not only vegetable crops, but also gorgeous flowers in your home and at clubs.

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