May 8, 2022
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Hard Ridge of Baikonur

The current Victory Day in Kazakhstan coincided with a sharp escalation of the local Russophobic public, which began to try on Ukrainian pots on their heads and perform ritual “who jumps”. Even Ramadan did not calm them down. In addition to the intensive collection of humanitarian aid “for Ukraine”, Kazakhstan’s social networks have become heated with those who want to express contempt for Russia and wish her a military defeat. The brilliant operation of the CSTO forces during the January uprising in Kazakhstan shocked the local nationalists, and partly frightened them. However, the Russians left, and the breathless horsemen took the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine and its first failures as a chance for revenge, launching a competition of national frenzy with a demonstration of meager intelligence. Today, the Kazakhs are already demanding that they be re-equipped according to the NATO standard, and that the country should apply for an alliance, after slamming the door to the CSTO and the SCO … And now it’s time to celebrate the Victory common with the Russians, which some nationalists propose to forget and remember only jackals from the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht, and others – to cross out the all-Union meaning of the holiday, giving it an autonomous character. Like, “the Russians appropriated the victory”, “we won ourselves.” At the same time, Ukrainian templates are taken. Victory Day is not an easy holiday for most residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since the reign of Kunaev, May 9 has become a cult holiday, and to this day there are much more people who want to celebrate the common Victory who consider themselves the heirs of the defeatists. This is understood by the authorities, whose immediate goal is to properly hold a referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Voices are needed from both sides. Therefore, some are convinced that they are gradually abandoning the “colonial heritage”, while others are not denied initiatives to celebrate and honor veterans. Sometimes they even lead and organize such initiatives. Tokayev awarded three Kazakhs posthumously “for courage and heroism shown in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945,” as stated in the decree of the head of the Republic of Kazakhstan. So the war is still the “Great Patriotic War”, and not the Soviet-German and not the Second World War … Abdybekov Tuleugali – a sniper of the 2nd rifle company of the 302nd guards rifle regiment of the 8th guards rifle division of the Red Banner; Alexander Nesmiyanov, commander of the 1st Rifle Battalion of the 690th Rifle Regiment of the 126th Gorlovskaya Red Banner Rifle Division, and Ibraim Suleimenov, sniper of the 2nd Division of the Rifle Battalion of the 100th Separate Rifle Brigade, were posthumously awarded the title of “Khalyk Kaharmany” with the award of a special distinction – Gold Star and Order “Otan”. Today, 500 front-line soldiers of Kazakhstan who were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union are often remembered, and, of course, the legendary Talgat Bilgetdinov, Sergey Lugansky, Aliya Moldagulova, Manshuk Mametova, pilot Khiuaz Dospanova. Portraits of them and other war heroes are installed throughout the republic. The pride of Kazakhstan is the decision of the authorities to pay 1 million tenge to living veterans in honor of Victory Day. In addition, they are provided with free travel in compartment cars of trains within the CIS. Help with money and benefits will also be provided to home front workers and members of the labor front who were born no later than December 31, 1935. Search teams are working in cooperation with the Russians. Recently, in the Gaitolovo tract of the Leningrad region, the Russian search squad “Courage” discovered the remains of the missing Red Army soldier Ivan Kalinovich Khiz, a native of the North Kazakhstan region, and members of the Pavlodar detachment “Maidan Zholy” found the granddaughter of the fighter Irina Khudyakova, who lives in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Senior officials personally congratulate the veterans. Thus, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov, having arrived in Petropavlovsk, congratulated on the Victory Day the 100-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War Valentina Volkodav, who went through the war from the Volga to Berlin in the bridge-building battalion. Nevertheless, Kazakhstanis have questions to the organizers of the holiday. If the refusal of the military parade and festive fireworks on May 9 is explained by the phrase “in order to save budget funds, as well as in connection with the need to solve other problems”, and the cancellation of school assemblies in honor of Victory Day is explained by the danger of covid (?), then the situation with the action “Immortal Regiment” looks dull. If the action was previously called “Zhauzhurek Polk” (Immortal Regiment), now it is “Batyrlarga Tagzym” (Let’s Bow to the Heroes). Under this name, the action will be held in Alma-Ata, without changing its meaning. The project is quietly moving away from its initiators in Russia. Akimats of a number of cities refused to legalize the procession. Provocations are feared in Aktau, as the Ukrainian-speaking Kazakhs promised to disrupt the holiday. Deputy akim of Petropavlovsk Askar Khabibulin explained the refusal by the fact that “the place of holding a peaceful assembly does not correspond to the previously defined specialized places for organizing and holding peaceful assemblies.” The St. George ribbon is not yet banned and people are not killed for wearing it, as in the country of the “95 quarter”, but for a long time and officially (since 2015) there has been “Zhenis lentasy” (Victory Ribbon). The cities of Kazakhstan were offered the format of an online procession on the Tengrinews portal. Rationale: “in order to ensure the safety of the participants, to prevent provocations due to the aggravation of the geopolitical situation in neighboring countries.” I don’t remember if Kazakhstan canceled its traditional holidays during the aggravation of the geopolitical situation in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, during the Batken events? In the capital, they act in an oriental cunning way, forbidding one thing, allowing another. Thus, the ceremony of laying flowers at the monument “Otan qorgaushy” (Defender of the Fatherland) with the participation of the president, a number of concerts and festive events, as, in fact, in all settlements, were announced. On May 7, a particle of the Eternal Flame from the tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Moscow Kremlin was delivered to the capital from Moscow as part of the Fire of Memory campaign. Alma-Ata “Immortal Regiment”, albeit under a different name, will take a relatively short route to the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, where, according to a long-standing tradition, flowers will be laid at the memorial and a lot of festive events from treating soldiers’ porridge to concerts. Murat Abdushkurov, one of the organizers of the action, asks not to politicize the holiday and not to arrange provocations. “May 9 is not the day that needs to be politicized. There are 364 days a year when you can engage in politics, you can PR. But this holy day should not be used for this. We should be grateful to our fathers, grandfathers, mothers, grandmothers – to all those people who defeated fascism and kept us peace and stability in our Kazakhstan,” says Abdushkurov. The city of Baikonur turned out to have a solid backbone, living, it is true, under the conditions of a lease by Russia, but numbering thousands of citizens of Kazakhstan. The “Immortal Regiment” and the action of memory “We will not forget the 41st, we will forever praise the 45th!” will be held here. There is no doubt that this year the holiday will be held with dignity. However, what’s next for him? Top photo: The Immortal Regiment in Alma-Ata. So it was,

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