Jun 27, 2021
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"Hanging" ships near Japan have caused concern. Zakharova has already given a hint

In Japan, it was reported that four Chinese patrol ships entered the country’s territorial waters.

Four Chinese ships were spotted on June 26 off the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name – Diaoyu Dao). This territory is controversial for states. According to the Kyodo agency, the foreign ships spent several hours in the waters of Japan. According to the media, the PRC patrol ships tried to approach the Japanese fishing vessels.

In Japan, they indicate that this is already the 26th call of Chinese ships since the beginning of the year. At the same time, this time an automatic cannon was seen on one of the ships, RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier, Sinologist Nikolai Vavilov did not rule out that a number of countries could arrange a provocation against China, similar to the one that happened near the Crimea with the destroyer Defender.

In addition, as the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova noted in her telegram channel, according to the official statements of EU and US politicians, an anti-Chinese line is clearly traced.

In addition, added Zakharova, Japan is not lagging behind them, which has struggled to strengthen relations with the United States.

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