Jun 20, 2021
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Handmade thorn covida

Handmade thorn covida

A year ago, virologists reassured humanity that during the pandemic, COVID-19 is gradually mutating, becoming more infectious, but less pathogenic, and over time can degenerate into something like a cold. But that did not happen.

Its virulence really increased, but at the same time its lethality not only did not decrease, but even increased. Why the advanced science was wrong, explained the famous scientists – the British professor of oncology Angus Dalgleish and the Norwegian virologist and vaccinologist Dr. Birger Sorensen. They argue that only an artificial virus can behave this way, and consider COVID-19 to be the product of deliberate manipulation.

Eminent scientists claim that the pandemic that has struck humanity is caused by a virus created in a Chinese laboratory. While working on a vaccine to protect against the new coronavirus, they carefully analyzed COVID-19 samples. A year ago, they discovered unique prints that appear during laboratory manipulations. However, attempts to inform the world community about this have met with a strict refusal of scientific journals to publish the results of the study.

Scientists write about the discovery of six tabs in the coronavirus spike, which are unique imprints with five conspicuous signs indicating targeted manipulation. In a new article, scientists confirm that, without a doubt, the virus appeared during laboratory manipulations. Although absolutely impossible to prove this, since all relevant biological and computer data were destroyed in Wuhan.

It is noted that Chinese scientists, working together with US universities, have obtained tools for the construction of coronavirus. The Americans gave them the technology to accelerate the ability of the virus to infect human cells. The coronavirus of Chinese cave bats was taken as a basis. It was fused with a new spike that turned the mouse coronavirus into the deadly and highly infectious COVID-19. This is evidenced by a number of amino acids found in the thorn.

Now the article of the disgraced researchers is belatedly published in the “Quarterly Review of Discoveries in Biophysics.” The move was only given to her after Joe Biden came to the conclusion that it was time to use the coronavirus to attack China more painfully.

Biden ordered 17 national laboratories under the Department of Energy to analyze all the information from the Chinese laboratory on the most powerful supercomputers. However, there are secrets in this case that the United States does not want to declassify yet. It would be interesting to get detailed explanations from the epidemiologist and microbiologist Professor Ralph Barick, who, as he himself admitted, worked with his colleagues in Wuhan on the creation of an artificial coronavirus. Virologist Jonathan Latham, director of the New York-based Bioscience Resource Project, writes that Chinese and American scientists have collaborated for years on risky research that has never been reported to the general public.

Latham recommends taking a closer look at the activities of the suspicious EcoHealth Alliance, which was funded by the US government. She, collaborating with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, did not share with anyone what was in the laboratory’s databases and freezers. Latham believes that this American organization should share responsibility with Chinese researchers for what happened in Wuhan.

Another very curious moment. Former Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Arms Control of the US State Department, Thomas Dinanno, said that officials from his bureau and the Bureau of International Security insisted that an investigation into the origin of COVID-19 should not be carried out. They recommended abandoning the study of experiments conducted in Wuhan to enhance the damaging elements of the coronavirus to maximum lethality, because these works, as it turned out, were carried out at the expense of US taxpayers. Dinanno says that all his attempts to investigate the theory of the virus leaking from the laboratory were stalled and met with hostility from the technical staff, who warned him not to open the Pandora’s Box. Each year, the US Department of Defense and the intelligence-related Agency for International Development allocated $ 15 million for this research in China.

Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yang directly called COVID-19 a biological weapon of unlimited action. She claims that American government expert Dr. Anthony Fauci knew about the manipulation of the coronavirus even before the outbreak of the pandemic. According to the Chinese woman, the US military worked on the weapon virus in conjunction with China. So even if the covid was even created in Wuhan, then its authors are not only the Chinese, who performed technical functions, but also the Americans – the initiators and “producers” of this deadly project for the planet.

When the issue was typed, it became known that in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Stephen Quay and professor of physics at the University of California, Richard Mueller, published an article in which they stated that SARS-CoV-2 has a genetic trace that the natural coronavirus does not have.

Experts have discovered the genome sequence in the CGG-CGG combination in the new coronavirus. Scientists often use it to increase the infectiousness and lethality of viruses, and this is a kind of signal that the insert was made in the laboratory. According to Quay and Mueller, the natural SARS or MERS coronaviruses do not have such a sequence; the new coronavirus simply could not get it on its own.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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