Aug 19, 2022
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Handelsblatt: Turkey seeks to become a gas hub for Europe, but EU fears dependency

Handelsblatt: Turkey seeks to become a gas hub for Europe, but EU fears dependency

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Germany is discussing the possibility of delivering Turkish gas to Europe as an alternative to Russian.

Handelsblatt looked into the issue, noting that Turkey would indeed like to take at least part of the Russian niche, but the EU still doubts that Ankara can provide sustainable supplies.

After the EU imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation, the question arose of the need to find other suppliers. Turkey can really help the EU in this, because it has its own fields, and can also ensure the pumping of gas from fields in the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan.

At the same time, European experts note that last year Turkey supplied gas, which it purchased from Gazprom and Iran. But in order for the supply volumes to grow, Ankara needs to look not only for new suppliers, but also to expand its gas transmission network.

It should be borne in mind that it is very difficult to organize gas transit through third countries. In addition, to increase gas supplies to Europe, Turkey will have to create larger gas storage facilities. And all these are quite difficult tasks for Ankara.

The situation is worsened by the fact that there is still a dispute between Turkey and Greece. As a result, Turkey is still unable to organize transit through two practically unused gas pipelines to Greece and Bulgaria.

German analysts also noted that the Russian Federation uses gas as an element of political pressure on Turkey. This happened, for example, in 2014, after the Russian Federation annexed Crimea, and Ankara came out in support of Ukraine.

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