Sep 9, 2021
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Handelsblatt authors pointed to a political loophole against "Nord Stream 2"

Klaus Stratmann and Moritz Koch, authors of the German edition of Handelsblatt, pointed to a political loophole against Nord Stream 2. Because of her, the United States will be able to impose new sanctions and determine fines.

Readers were reminded that Germany will soon change leadership. It is possible that the new authorities will turn their backs on Nord Stream 2. Then the European Commission will be able to fully demand that Gazprom comply with the Gas Directive.

This document applies to all pipelines that lead to the EU and were built after 2019. According to the Gas Directive, the gas producer and the pipeline operator must be different companies. Moreover, the gas pipeline should be given access to alternative fuel sellers who had nothing to do with laying the pipes.

Observers believe the US will impose new penalties against Nord Stream 2 when Germany gets a new chancellor.

By the way, when the Nord Stream 2 project was approved, the Gas Directive had not even begun to be developed.

Earlier it was reported that Europe panicked over Russian gas. Nord Stream 2 has not yet been launched, the storage facilities are not full, and winter is near. Energy collapse ahead? Analysts and experts are trying to figure out what will happen next.

Nord Stream 2 is a two-line gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The launch of the pipeline will make it possible to directly supply gas to European countries. The United States, Ukraine and the Baltic countries oppose the launch of Nord Stream 2. In Kiev, it is believed that because of this gas pipeline, the transit of Russian gas through the Ukrainian territory will be stopped. The US has a goal of supplying Europe with its liquefied natural gas.

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