Jan 13, 2022
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Half a tablespoon of olive oil a day reduces the risk of death

Experts have found that replacing margarine and butter with unsaturated vegetable oils, such as olive, significantly improves health outcomes. The study also found that replacing 10 grams per day of other fats such as margarine, butter, mayonnaise and milkfat with olive oil was associated with an 8-34% reduction in the risk of death.

“Doctors should advise patients to replace certain fats such as margarine and butter with olive oil to improve their health. Our research is helping to provide more specific recommendations that patients can more easily understand and hopefully incorporate into their diets,” said study leader Marthe Gouache-Ferret, Ph.D.

The researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 92,000 people over the past 28 years. All of them were surveyed in 1990 and at the initial stage did not have cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Every four years, the subjects were asked how often they consumed certain foods: fats and oils, as well as what brands or types of oils they used for cooking and added to the table in the previous year.

Other factors also united olive oil lovers. Most of them were more physically active, were of southern European or Mediterranean descent, smoked less and ate more fresh fruits and vegetables than those who ate less olive oil.

Of the 92,000 test subjects, more than 36,000 were able to do it skillfully over 28 years. When the researchers compared those who consumed more than 7 grams of olive oil per day with the rest of the participants in the experiment, they found that their mortality rates were significantly different. Thus, the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases was 19% lower, from cancer – by 17%, neurodegenerative diseases – by 29%, and from respiratory diseases – by 18%.

“Perhaps higher olive oil consumption is a sign of healthier eating and higher socioeconomic status. However, even after adjusting for these and other socioeconomic status factors, our results were largely the same,” Gouache-Ferret explains. economic factors, but may limit the ability to generalize because this population may be more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

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