Dec 27, 2020
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Haircut Monthly Calendar January 2021

Haircut Monthly Calendar January 2021

Cutting your hair is more important than the total on days filled with comfortable energy, and there will be plenty of them in the first month of 2021. Astrologers’ recommendations will help you choose the optimal times for changing your hairstyle, which will restore confidence and help attract good luck.

Cutting hair is not only about helping curls and preventing split ends, but also a great opportunity to free yourself from fears, gain confidence and attractiveness. Experts recommend choosing the energy-optimal days so that after cutting your hair you feel an energetic rise, and not a loss of strength and disappointment.

January 1, 2. The Falling Month in Virgo is not the best time to change your hairstyle. Such manipulations will help lead to forgetfulness, which can cause conflicts.

January 3, 4. The falling month will spend these days in the Sign of Leo. Astrologers recommend cutting your hair in the first half of the day on January 4: these times are filled with comfortable energy, and a haircut will help you become more active and tune in to the positive.

January 5, 6. A month in Libra is not a time for dramatic changes. At this stage, it is only necessary to trim the edges, and this can be entrusted to someone close to whom you want to establish relationships or make peace.

January 7, 8 and 9. A month in Scorpio will stay for three days, and this is the time astrologers recommend to devote to running procedures, head massage and hair restoration with masks and balms.

January 10, 11. Under the influence of the Moon in Sagittarius, cutting hair is a sign of disappointment and loss. At this time, the curls should be left alone and give yourself a short interval at work to rest and replenish the supply of energy.

January 12, 13. Under the influence of the Moon in Capricorn, you should choose the 12th number for a haircut in order to get rid of bad fashions and attachments. On the day of New Moon, a newly made haircut will help renew energy and feel more confident.

January 14, 15. The month begins its own growth in Aquarius, and the 14th is great for a haircut. On this day, thanks to trimming the edges of the hair, it will come out faster to grow the desired length and not be afraid that the curls will be muddy and lifeless.

January 16, 17. The growth of the Moon in Pisces is a time when a haircut can seem to help, and so much harm. So, if you cut your hair on the 16th, you will be able to attract love, and an appointment with the hairdresser on January 17 is undesirable due to possible changes in location.

January 18, 19 and 20. Aries month will stay for three days. Don’t cut your hair on the 19th. On this day, the risk of becoming hostages of negative emotions increases, and if the haircut is not pleasant, then the mood will be ruined for a long time. It is more important to have a haircut on the 18th, when the energy of space will be as stable as possible.

January 21, 22. A month in Taurus is a neutral tenses. These days will be suitable for both haircuts and grooming. It makes no sense to deliberately sign up for these numbers to a stylist – there will be no drastic changes.

January 23rd, 24th and 25th. For three days the growing Moon will be in the Sign of Gemini, and the 23rd and 25th will be the most suitable of them. These days, you can fearlessly experiment with the length of your hair, as well as do entertaining hairstyles to choose your own option for meeting the New Year holidays.

January 26, 27. The night sparkle continues its own growth, moving into the Sign of Cancer. It is definitely not worth getting a haircut on the 27th in order to exclude location differences. January 26 is a neutral day, when you can trim the overgrown edges and fix your hair.

January 28, 29. Under the influence of the Moon in Leo, cutting curls is only in a good location. In this case, the hairstyle will help bring luck and prosperity into life. Signing up to the master is more important on the 28th.

January 30, 31. In the last days of January, the falling Month will be in Virgo. Astrologers recommend cutting your hair on the 30th to leave trouble and disappointment behind your back.

Any haircut is a renewal of energy, which means that you need to choose the most prosperous days for it. It is also necessary not to forget to take care of your hair: they have amazing strength, which can protect you from troubles and problems.

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