Apr 29, 2021
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Hair Cut Monthly Calendar May 2021

Hair Cut Monthly Calendar May 2021

Hair cutting will lift up and bring positive events into life, if you choose the days that are suitable for the energy. Astrologers’ advice, reproduced in the lunar month of the word for May 2021, will help you choose the best times for a change of image without harm to health and good luck.

Hair cutting is an ordinary procedure that can be turned into a whole ritual to attract the necessary events and people to life. Experts of the site recommend choosing positive days in order to use the energy of the Moon and constellations for your own good, to be blissful in a new way and to radiate positive.

12 May: at the beginning of May, the energy of the falling moon in the constellation of Capricorn will give a couple of days when the newest image will adhere for a long time, and the curls after a haircut will not lose their shape and shine. A haircut done in the morning will help attract love and forget about the blues.

May 3, 4: The month passes into the Sign of Aquarius, and astrologers call the 3rd number the best day for a haircut. A short hairstyle will help protect yourself from scammers, and asymmetrical strands will add personality to the image. On the 4th, it is undesirable to cut your hair because of the danger of attracting other people’s problems into life.

May 5, 6 and 7: the decaying Month will spend three days in Pisces. These times are unfavorable for a radical change of hairstyle, however, you can cut the regrown edges without fear. For those who do not want to become hostages of sad thoughts, it is more important to give up experiments with hair.

May 8, 9: A month in Aries gives a strong energy that you can use for your own good. For those who want to change their lives and leave problems in the past, astrologers recommend trimming the edges one of these days.

May 10, 11 and 12: The month passes into the Sign of Taurus, and the New Moon will take place on the 12th. Cutting curls on your own on this day is a loss of energy and a weakening of the biofield. Otherwise, hair cutting will not harm in any way, it is unusual if you entrust the curls to a trusted master.

May 13, 14: took its growth Month will spend in the constellation Gemini. On the 13th, thanks to a haircut, it will come out to check the difficulties. Cutting your hair on May 14 is in trouble.

May 15, 16 and 17: the growth of the Moon in Cancer is not the most important time for bold images. The newly made hairstyle will not last long, so astrologers recommend only trimming the edges and fixing the current haircut.

May 18, 19: The month is gaining strength in the Sign of Leo. These are the times for bold ideas, and those looking to awaken their talents should consider trendy haircuts. A square with elongated strands, cascading haircuts, short – any experiments will go well.

May 20, 21: The month continues its own growth, and these days its energy will be in alliance with the constellation Virgo. This is the time for correcting haircuts. For those who want to keep their hairstyle for a long time, these days it is more important not to get a haircut.

May 22, 23: The month in Libra is the time when cutting your hair is more important than the total in the morning hours of May 22. On the 23rd, a haircut may not be performed as planned, and become a disappointment, ugly to come.

May 24, 25: these days the growth of the moon will take place in the Sign of Scorpio. Cutting curls at such times is dangerous because of the likelihood of finding yourself in the epicenter of a conflict situation. Astrologers recommend to devote days to caring for curls using folk recipes.

May 26, 27: The full moon in Sagittarius on the 26th is not the time to change your hairstyle. On this day, after a haircut, there is a chance to attract troubles into your life. On the initial day of the decrease in the night sparkle, the curls will need care. It can be done with the help of home masks and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

May 28, 29: The month continues to age in the Sign of Capricorn. Cutting curls on this day is worth in the morning to attract good luck and positive events.

May 30, 31: these days he will spend the month in Aquarius. Astrologers recommend cutting hair on this day in the afternoon to attract financial well-being and become more confident.

Hair has an outstanding force, which helps to awaken not only running procedures, but also haircuts on certain days of the week. Such care will provide security and will allow you to bring into life everything that fills it with happiness.

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