Apr 30, 2021
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Hair Coloring Monthly Calendar May 2021

Hair Coloring Monthly Calendar May 2021

Hair coloring will bring a lot of pleasant impressions if you choose the days that are suitable for the energy. In May 2021, the recommendations of astrologers will help determine the time to change the image.

Hair coloring can dramatically change your life, unusually if you pick up a constant nuance. It can be chosen both by the Sign of the Zodiac, and depending on the circumstances. So, coloring in light nuances on certain days will help attract pennies and love, and dark nuances will allow you to disappear from trouble. Experts recommend getting acquainted with the recommendations of astrologers in order to start the path to a happy life in May and start it with external and internal transformation.

12 May: the first weekend of May, the falling month will be in the constellation Capricorn. An excellent time for staining will be 1 number. On this day, thanks to a radical change in color, it will come out to change life for the better. On May 2, it is more important to take care of your hair.

May 3, 4: A month in alliance with Aquarius is a time when experiments can seem to cheer you up, and so much harm. On May 3, clear nuances will help attract love and money, and coloring the 4th number can provoke a series of failures.

May 5, 6 and 7: The month continues to decrease, and these days its energy will conflict with the constellation Pisces. At this time, astrologers recommend not to carry out coloring, so as not to become hostages of sad thoughts and not to attract unexpected and not the sweetest changes to life.

May 8, 9: A month in the constellation Aries will stay for two days, and astrologers recommend signing up with a stylist on the 8th. On this day, bright colors will help bring positive thoughts into life and easily attract happiness.

May 10, 11 and 12: The new moon in Taurus on the 12th is not the time for experimentation and change. Astrologers recommend dyeing your hair on May 10, when the Month will be combined with the energy of the constellation. The newest nuance will help you find the necessary inner balance.

May 13, 14: the growth of the moon begins in the Sign of Gemini, and these times will be neutral. These days, you can safely repaint your hair, update the color and paint over the overgrown roots. Astrologers recommend taking care of the curls after the procedures to prevent fragility and split.

May 15, 16 and 17: The month continues to grow in the constellation Cancer. The happiest day for staining will be the 15th. On this day, it is more important than total to choose an impenetrable shade in order to get rid of annoying attention. On May 16 and 17, the newest hair color can provoke an outflow of fortune.

May 18, 19: A month in Leo is a great time to experiment. A bright image will emphasize individuality and help to attract the necessary events to life. For those who hesitate, it is more important to postpone the dyeing on May 19 so as not to experience disappointment, and dye the curls on the 18th.

May 20, 21: he will spend two days in Virgo, and at this time it is more important to refuse experiments. Astrologers recommend returning to natural hair color by tucking the dye to match. Such tactics will help maintain inner harmony and avoid trouble.

May 22, 23: A month in Libra is an ambiguous time when it is impossible to rush into responsible decisions. Dyeing hair on the 23rd can lead to unpleasant consequences for the curls, therefore, dyeing curls is more important than the 22nd and only with natural dyes in order to preserve their structure and shine.

May 24, 25: the last days of his growth, the night sparkle will be spent in the Sign of Scorpio. Astrologers advise to dye curls on the 24th in dark warm nuances. Thanks to this coloring, it will come out to attract good luck.

May 26, 27: May 26 will be the Full Moon, during which time the hair should not be dyed. On May 27, the energy of the Moon will be in dissonance with the constellation Sagittarius, therefore astrologers recommend to devote both days to running procedures.

May 28, 29: the aging Moon returns to the constellation Capricorn again. These days are suitable for any coloration without restrictions. It is only majestic to choose a proven master so that the result will amuse for long weeks.

May 30, 31: you can end May in a new way, which will bring an abyss of pleasant moments. These days the Month decreases in Aquarius, and astrologers recommend paying attention to highlighting. The combination of dark and light shades of hair will help bring financial luck and love into life.

Hair coloring will be a truly healthy transformation if you choose high-quality dyes and proven artists. Thanks to the change in hair color, it will come out one after time to appear before the environment in a new light and receive an abyss of compliments that will inspire deeds.

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