Oct 12, 2021
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“Haha, sir”: How Rogozin raised the value of SpaceX to $ 100 billion

In the photo: the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk

In the photo: the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk (Photo: DPA / Picture-alliance / TASS)

General Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin believes SpaceX’s Starlink space program Ilona Mask, may pose a threat to the security of Russia. According to him, this project can hardly be considered private and even more so civil. Dmitry Olegovich said: “Everyone says that this is amazing, this is a private investor. <…> This year they received about $ 900 million, the entire subsidy – $ 20 billion for the next period. “

Hence, according to Rogozin, “the question arises: why does the state need this?” The answer lies in the dual-use plane: spacecraft of this type not only spread the Internet, but can also become a tool for controlling cruise missiles, reconfiguring their flight missions in flight, controlling special forces or an agent network.

Further, the head of Roscosmos begs another question: “It remains to find out how much the Pentagon still pays to this company to control its attack drones using this system, as well as to maintain communication with special forces?”

Actually, what suspicions is Dmitry Olegovich talking about? This is no longer a secret. In particular, Lieutenant General David Thompson, now the first deputy chief of US space operations and former deputy commander of the US Space Force, does not hide this secret. “We are already working quite closely with Elon Musk and SpaceX,” he admitted. Still: this satellite network, fiercely hated by astronomers all over the world, is the very “Trojan horse” with which the Pentagon plans to penetrate the security systems of all countries without exception.

It turns out that the time when someone could be frightened with an atomic bomb or aircraft carriers has essentially passed. You can get such a response from Russia or China that you can forget about the American nation forever, as, indeed, about any other. Overseas thought, thought and thought. And why not create a total control system and a combat network of thousands of satellites that will monitor not only the movement of enemy troops and missile flights, but also every step of ordinary people, of which, in fact, any state consists.

It is clear that if the Pentagon were originally the customer, then most countries would begin to prepare countermeasures, and so – a private commercial project, positioned as a global Internet access. However, initially, few American experts doubted that Elon Musk was preparing an offer to the Pentagon, from which it would be difficult for the Stars and Stripes fighters to refuse.

The fact is that today there are no technical problems with access to the world wide web for about 90% of the world’s population – as they say, any whim for your money. Therefore, if Musk had purely civilian intentions, his satellite constellation would only cover hard-to-reach areas. Few people know that such a program exists and is called OneWeb, which aims to provide millions of people in remote and rural areas with high-speed Internet broadcasted from space.

The fact that the US Air Force is already using SpaceX’s not yet fully deployed satellite network for serving encrypted Internet services for its military aircraft was reported, for example, two years ago by Reuters.

“The Air Force program, known as Global Lightning, began testing with SpaceX in early 2018 and used the first two Starlink test satellites to transmit signals to terminals installed on the C-12 military transport aircraft in flight, demonstrating an Internet speed of 610 megabits per second. said senior vice president of SpaceX Tim Hughes… It’s fast enough to download a 4K movie in less than a minute, ”the agency said in a statement.

Just for testing the capabilities of the first two Starlink satellites, the US Department of Defense paid $ 28 million to SpaceX. In turn, Elon Musk is trying to pass off cooperation with the Pentagon as a secondary business: they say, why not make money if the military is willing to pay well. The type who, in his place, would turn down a lucrative offer, when he has very different goals: “The Starlink constellation from SpaceX of 30,000 satellites in low Earth orbit, designed to spread broadband Internet around the world, is critical to raising funds for financing the development of the heavy rocket Mars, also called the Starship.

And also, if you dig around the Internet, you can find brief reports about how the US military top officials regularly visit the SpaceX Starlink plant in Redmond, Washington, without going into the details of the Pentagon’s plans. This alone speaks of the dual purpose of Starlink.

The fact that Musk’s space business is going well is evidenced by the fact that the capitalization of SpaceX has reached $ 100 billion after the secondary sale of shares. According to CNBC, “The new estimate of $ 100.3 billion, up from $ 74 billion in February, means SpaceX has achieved a rare private company status: 100 times the size of a $ 1 billion unicorn.”

Moreover, such a sharp rise in the cost of SpaceX, insiders who are familiar with the practice of attracting private money, directly associate with the success of the Starlink project – the very one that Rogozin considers threatening for our country. To date, SpaceX has launched 1,740 satellites of this project, to which more than 100,000 users in 14 countries have connected. They pay $ 99 for the right to use the beta version of the space internet.

Musk’s second project is called Starship, a next-generation heavy rocket that SpaceX is developing to launch cargo and people to the Moon and Mars. According to CNBC, the company is testing prototypes at a plant in South Texas and has completed several short test flights. Going into orbit is the next step in the rocket’s testing, and SpaceX is awaiting regulatory approval for its next launch.

Apparently, Rogozin’s “twitter attacks” on Musk are doing their job. The head of SpaceX was able to prove that “the trampoline works” (in response to Dmitry Olegovich’s stupid joke, who proposed in 2014 to “deliver his astronauts to the ISS using a trampoline”), and now, having received another $ 30 billion from investors in six months, he can safely to write to the general director of Roskosmos his signature “ha-ha, sir.”

As for the Starlink threat to the security of our country, it certainly does take place, but much more dangerous is the fact that Roskosmos is actually marking time and cannot make a technological breakthrough.

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