Aug 5, 2022
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Hacking Dmitry Medvedev’s account with the aim of hacking Kazakhstan

The unbalanced in Kazakh society were once again aroused by the specter of “Russian colonialism”

Provocation with hacking of the page of the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the former president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on VKontakte they will have to consider it with incredible attention, not forgetting that Madame Sobchak was also involved in replicating the already deleted post. There is a lot at stake.

The meaning of the entries that appeared is known: Russia “after the liberation of Kyiv and all the territories of Little Russia from gangs of nationalists” will undertake to reunite Georgia and “artificial state” Kazakhstan.

The result of a 10-minute provocation in Kazakhstani public pages has been observed for the fourth day, and the state reaction in Kazakhstan was quite restrained. Head of the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aibek Smadiyarov hinted that it was not a state matter to comment on a deleted post, suggesting that the screaming public wait for the official explanations of the author. And they appeared.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, the hacking of his page is a manifestation of the information war. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council stressed that the perpetrators will not go unpunished.

“There are plenty of enemy countries and politicians who are interested in pushing their heads against the allies in the CSTO, the EAEU or the SCO. We won’t give them that pleasure. The work of all authorities of our country and our partners is aimed at this.. The simple methods of such “work” are also obvious – to throw something sharp or sensitive about neighbors into the public field on behalf of a well-known person, play on historical plots, wait for the inevitable removal of the fake, and then trade it. Like, in Russia they did everything on purpose, sent a harsh signal to the allies, and then diplomatically raked it away. It seems that there are no traces, but the “sediment” remains “,

– D. Medvedev’s post says.

However, for the insane, the remote post became an occasion for incredible hysteria; those who raised it surpassed their own hatred shown after the statements Zhirinovsky, Nikonov as well as Fedorova. “You tried to exterminate my people, you killed them, starved them, by the millions, hundreds of thousands, but we survived, we survived. I can tell all your scary stories are bullshit.” are the words Arman Shurayevamedia worker, colleagues Darighi Nazarbayeva member of the executive committee of the Congress of Journalists of Kazakhstan, a member of the political council of the Nur Otan party, a graduate of the Kokchetav Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Russian language teacher.

Arman Shuraev in hated Moscow

Arman Shuraev in hated Moscow

Today, Shuraev is a greyhound and rough-necked gopnik-Nazi who managed to formulate his demands to bring Medvedev to justice with only this phrase: “Our Prosecutor General’s Office, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs must do everything for this idiot to apologize. And the fact that it was allegedly hacked is all bullshit”. Of course, this aul boor will not apologize. However, he will not wash away the seal on his forehead.

Got stuck again Azat PeruashevNazarbayev’s long-term doll, which was handed the leadership of the Ak Zhol party. Peruashev has already demanded the adoption of a law on the “Holodomor”, he was distinguished by Russophobic statements. Now he, as a samizdat descendant of Genghis Khan, threatens to demand tribute from Moscow to the Golden Horde for 500 years. Peruashev is indignant at “Medvedev’s words”: “This is not a “verbal diarrhea” of unrestrained TV presenters or individual small-town deputies. We are talking about the ex-president of a neighboring country, that is, about a person who seems to have great political experience”. And he promises that he will force the Foreign Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers to respond harshly to the provocation.

Kazakh Maidan like Mukhtar Tayjan stated that the authorities are not able to respond to the insults of the Kazakhs, and therefore the power in Kazakhstan should pass into the hands of the nationalists.

Political scientist Ainur Kurmanov writes: “The “watchdogs” of Akorda, court national patriots, reacted. Thus, Mukhtar Taizhan, leader of the national-ecological movement “Antigeptyl”, who repeatedly announced his retirement from politics, suddenly grew bolder and spoke about the need for true radical nationalists to come to power. Apparently he was referring to himself.”.

The meaning and goals of the provocation are clear: the unbalanced in Kazakh society have once again been aroused by the specter of “Russian colonialism.” Alas, aroused successfully. This time, the indignation of the Kazakhs was also supported by the Russians of Kazakhstan, who accepted the thesis of “aggressive Russia” for themselves and were almost ready for assimilation. However, the ardent Russophobes, with whom they stood on a par, in the event of an explosion, they will not be spared. And when the illusions evaporate, it will be too late.

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