Jul 31, 2022
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Habits of people with hidden depression

Habits of people with hidden depression

Depression is a condition that causes the sufferer to feel intense feelings of worthlessness, guilt, shame, and sadness. Depressed people need the support and understanding of friends and family members so that they can stay in good spirits. Some people may hide their depression because of the negative stigma associated with the condition.

Below are eight signs that a person has hidden depression:

1. Has a quiet dormant period

A period of rest or isolation is one of the main signs that a person is suffering from depression. A person can disappear in his house for months and not go out so as not to interact with the rest of the world.

2. Often crying

A depressed person often has tantrums. They may relate to negative experiences, or they may be sentimental tears. However, frequent tears often lead to depression.

3. Has a negative outlook on life

A depressed person will have an overall negative outlook on life. He or she will think that everything will be bad and everyone is against him or her.

4. Work hard

Due to the state of depression, a person often misses work or school. The person may be dishonest about the disease, or he may be secretive.

5. Avoid social activities

A depressed person will try their best not to participate in social activities. A depressed state can make a person feel tired, which will make people stay at home in the dark.

6. Expresses past regrets

Depressed people experience depressive feelings. Sad feelings are dissatisfaction with thoughts about decisions a person has made in the past. A depressed person may feel unhappy about a relationship that has ended or a job that the person has lost. The person may feel that the decision was bad and detrimental to his status.

7. Feels unloved

Depressed people often feel that no one loves them. Therefore, a depressed person often shows signs of feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. The person may make an appropriate comment, or walk through life with a defeated expression.

8. Lack of interest in former activities of interest

Finally, the depressed person may feel that he or she is not interested in the previous activities. Friends and family members may notice the person’s refusal to participate in the activity.

A concerned friend or family member should offer help and support to the depressed person. A person should be careful not to offend a depressed person, but to offer him his love and mercy.

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