Apr 29, 2022
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Habits of happy people

Habits of happy people

Life is just a collection of habits. But we rarely think about how we spend every day. Do our thoughts and our behavior make us happier? Or do they clip our wings more?

1. Sleep in a power position

It may seem strange, but the position in which your body is located affects your mood. Walking with his head down, a person immediately begins to feel weak and upset. Believe it or not, the same thing happens when you sleep. If, for example, you curl up in a fetal position, you will wake up feeling unmotivated and depressed. However, if you are fully stretched out on your back with your arms and legs slightly apart, you are likely to be more positive when you wake up.

2. Give yourself 3 positive experiences for every negative one.

A very simple rule: if you are upset about something, then give yourself 3 positive emotions next. The goal is to clear your mind and soul of all that is left of the bad experience in this way.

Negative experiences echo in our minds. And this echo can ruin your mood for the whole day or even longer. When you compensate for it with three positive experiences, whatever remains of your negative experience dissipates. Then you can restore the balance.

3. Pretend to be happy

The brain is a mysterious organ. And he’s also very creative. Under certain circumstances, he ceases to distinguish between reality and fantasy. For example, when you go to watch a sad movie, you know it’s not real, but your brain perceives it as if it happened in real life (through mirror neurons).

You can use this unusual mechanism to your advantage. For example, pretend to be happy, even if you’re not. Imagine that you are playing the role of a happy person. You will be surprised to see what happens after a few days of this practice.

4. Say nice words to other people as often as possible.

This unusual habit is very strong. If you are feeling down, the best thing to do is to lift the spirits of others. Research shows that helping others is the best way to help yourself.

Giving from the heart primarily enriches the life of the giver. Just make it a habit to at least send warm, positive messages to people you appreciate or love. This works especially well when you’re having a bad day.

5. Spend time outdoors

Nature has a strong influence on our emotions. The effect is almost instantaneous. All you have to do is spend some time in nature – in a cozy and beautiful place, and you will feel the healing power of fresh air on your mind and body.

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