Feb 17, 2021
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Gymnastics Daria Spiridonova announced her retirement

The silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio in artistic gymnastics Daria Spiridonova told about the end of her sports career on her Instagram.

Gymnastics Daria Spiridonova announced her retirement

According to the athlete, it was a dignified and deliberate decision to put an end to her sports career. She enjoys competitions, but she likes training more and more.

“It was a tremendous, difficult 15-year journey. I love competing and getting these unreal emotions. However, over time, I realized that interest in training began to fade, ”wrote Daria Spiridonova.

According to the gymnast, a lot has been realized in her career, but a lot has not. However, as she noted, looking back is already silly.

Recall that Daria Spiridonova won gold at the World Championship. She also portrays a two-time European champion.

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